Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Work of art

When we got back from her class on Saturday, I told her to show her daddy her drawing. And then he said (out of her hearing boundary) "more surprises?!"

Yes, I must admit my dear little girl's drawing is always giving us surprises - surprises that we can't guess what she's drawing.
This time round, I saw another girl's drawing before she did her painting so kindda knew it was "Keep Singapore Clean." One guess on the purple colour thing would be a dustbin, so I praised her on her drawing.

Though her drawing is beyond recognition, let's give her some credits lah! Slight improvement.. I keep her drawings & put them on the fridge - and thank goodness took snapshots of them. So that just incase years down the road, we decided to throw it away, we still have the snapshots for keepsake. Now... I can't seem to find two drawings, I dunno if my hubby had thrown them away. Very sad leh!

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