Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"birds of a feather (flock together)"

Witnessed something interesting (or maybe boring- to you) this afternoon.
I was in the room, when from the corner of my eye I noticed something plonked into our window ledge. A little bird greeted me, it looked like a baby to me.. very cute but as I was there observing it for 5 mins, I realised that the bird seem lost. It did turn to look in my direction (honestly dunno if the bird can see...)

For the next 15 mins, KZ and myself were hoping for a chance for the bird to move to the other side so that we can open the window (and hopefully) to catch it (and not open it and push the bird out of the ledge). See if the bird is injured and then let it go after that. We didn't have a box so we took a plastic cover. We were so eager to help the bird, which according to KZ is a baby bird - from the yellow colour on the beak. Then she told me what it's called in Burmese and "it's nice to eat." OMG! I looked at her with my eyes opened wide... but she reassured me she'll not eat it coz' it's too small. I'd scream cruelty if she ever did that?!?! She went on "the legs very crunchy.. and then she'll roast it." Argh!
When she reached to open the window, somehow the little bird knew and flew away. From what we noticed, it didn't know how to fly and thought it would land on the opposite block ledge. Somehow I think it missed it and was about to drop down when two birds came out of nowhere (probably from the higher floor in my block) zipped down to help it.

We were so relieved and deduced that it's a bird on training. I call it on SNY - Supernumerary.
See the little birdie.

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