Wednesday, July 11, 2007


10th July (Tuesday)
Baby Aricia
Aricia kept us busy, busy, busy. I can hear KZ and me buzzing around the house. As usual, she'd sleep for a short while, then cry and crawl out from the mattress to the living area, looking for someone. I often hear the "piak piak piak" from her slow crawl.
She has this really bad habit, when she drops her pacifier she cries out loud for it. Sometimes when you walk to her, she's already out of the room. Then all we do is to carry her back to the mattress, pop the pacifier in her mouth, tap her and she's back to dreamland.
(just if you're wondering what the heck she's sleeping on the mattress. KZ helps to make her sleep. It is difficult to put her in the cot coz' we can't bring down the rail, so if she's moved too much - obviously difficult to put her in bending our body in an awkward position. But once she's deep deep in her dreamland, she'll be put back in her cot.)

In the daytime today, she decided to be a good girl and play alone in the cot. She was playing with the toys inside and throwing each stuff toy from one side to the other. And everytime before she throws one, she makes noise.
Then she started to sit near the railing, and stick her legs out. She was making too much noise

Kicking in cot

Violin lesson
Noelle has stopped her lessons, which explains her long absence. So now, it's left with 4 students but Meiyi is still in Beijing so it's 3. I wonder if Meiyi will be joining back the class, coz' everyone has progressed on very far already. As it is, she don't even do properly when she's in class.

The kids have now progressed to Variation D of Twinkle. Duh! I'm already seeing twinkles twinkles everywhere.. I need new song! Prior to that, they were doing the fast pace of Variation A. And the 3 of them sounded alright with the A & E string, when it comes to the E1, A3, A2, A1 they all went squeaky. The 3 mothers looked at one another and giggled. I had it recorded down on my mobile, which I renamed it as "Twinkle In A Chaos" but dunno how to upload it in.

After the lesson, Athena asked to play in the playground. Only this once I allowed her coz' told KZ no need to cook for me this whole week - make it easier for her.
I was surprised too that Hiroe (Yuyi & Miko's mummy) came to the playground. Normally the 2 of us are always in a hurry to rush back home. And then we started talking..until we realised that we both are ex-crew. No wonder Grace (Peizhen's mummy) made this funny comment to teacher Peggy that all SIA people will only send their children to Yamaha.
Infact, I dunno why.. beginning of the class I had a hunch that she could be an ex-crew. But of course I told myself "not everyone you see is an ex-crew" so this thought was all forgotten until today! She joined in the same year as me but in September. Her husband is a pilot, to which I got a question from her "is your husband a pilot??" Ahh.........okay, I will write about this in another entry

11th July (Wednesday)
She's making far too much noise in class, I used to smile and find it amusing ... but now I find it irritating.

That girl did a "fly kiss" today. I'm so impressed!

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