Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Violin lesson

Athena still hasn't learnt to play with the bow. Today, the children were taught holding the bow (again) and all children can't seem to get it - and so was I. Seems so easy for the teacher to hold it and I tried it myself, I felt that I was trying to dislocate my elbow.
Athena had some problem holding and doing the wrong way. I tried to move her hand but she's so stiff!!

Somehow I'm getting sick & tired of the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star now. It's been playing and playing in my brain day & night. Help! I think I'm going crazy!

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Karmeleon said...

*haha* Twinkle will take a few months, won't it? Esp if it's suzuki? there's several variations of twinkle.

My big ds who's doing grade 4 is still having problems with his bowhold after 2 yrs. So yes, it's not easy.

You might find the video on bowgrip on ViolinMasterclass.com useful.


From left-side bar, Go to:
--->Right Hand
--->Bow Grip