Friday, November 3, 2006

The great helper aka sister

Mrs Wong (school principal) said that Athena has grown more matured. And I agreed with her that Athena has been a great sister. I can't imagine a whiny girl like her to be so loving to her younger sister.

Yesterday, on our way home. I saw Aricia opening her eyes and asked Athena to talk to her.
Athena leaned towards Aricia and said "Aricia, che-che love you." sweet!!

Then, Aricia started crying a while later, wanting to be carried. She interpreted it as "mummy, Aricia's hungry!" Then she remembered what I teased her the day before. She put her finger into Aricia's mouth for her to suck. Aricia started sucking really hard. I then heard an "ouch!"from Athena.
Aricia cried again "na... Aricia suck your fingers!" and Athena pulled Aricia's fingers into her little mouth.

This morning on way to school. I saw the sun rays on Aricia's face "Athena, can you help mummy cover Aricia's face."
A : okay
A : mummy can you give me the Winnie the Pooh (sunshade)
M : (quickly passes her the sunshade before traffic light turns green)
A : mummy I cannot reach
M : Can you use the blankie please
A : okay (covers and hold up the blankie)
So sweet..........

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