Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Children's Department

A trip to the Babies section of the Children's Department in Metro today proves to be an eye-opener for me. I hadn't made any trips to that side of the department for a long long time, apart from bringing Athena to the Toys section.

I needed to get an extra bottle for Aricia to put in mom's place (so that I don't have to bring bottle around); Pigeon liquid cleanser and other miscellaneous stuffs.

I am a Avent user but decided to try NUK bottles but saw Bfree
Now just what is Bfree? I have seen Dr Brown's years ago (but will not come out that kind of amount to pay for it) but would still think Avent is a very good and reliable brand.
You might be wondering why I chose to buy NUK this time instead of Avent. Well, I wanted to try out NUK becoz' Karen (hubby's colleague) was telling me that NUK's teats are similar to the nipples so it doesn't confuse a baby.
But then again, think again baby are not nipple sucking, they have to open their mouth big enough (covering the nipple and some areola) to drink - so in this case Avent makes them open their mouth big. No harm trying it out.
However when I unopened the plastic, I tried to see where I could identify the different size teats - but just couldn't. (oh well, just read about it on their website) Avent has very clear markings on their teats which also gives you a guideline on when you should change the teats. And why do I like Avent so much is that I can change the teats to the trainer spout so child can use it for a long time. Yes! So long that I did keep Athena's bottles for Aricia's use (re-sterilized a few times before use and bought new teats for the already empty bottle)

The next important thing I needed to get was the liquid cleanser to wash my bottles. I was running low on it, and I just had to grab the last packet. So, no choice I took Tollyjoy's liquid cleanser to try out. Yucks! I hate the smell and the feel of it when I was washing her bottle in mom's place. That's the first and last time I'm buying it!

Heading to Children's Department still excites me, however I had to restraint myself from buying new clothes as she has alot of pass-me-downs from her sister.

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