Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday, Singapore!!

Happy Birthday, Singapore!!

Still like those songs but this year.. I didn't sing like a patriotic Singaporean. I was having my dinner (will be choked on dinner). Athena sang the songs and she has the same problem with me when we sing our National Anthem. "bersatu or bersaru??"

Oh! You should hear her say her pledge. Definitely a much greater improvement from 2 years ago when she said "to build a dying society". Hey! 2 years later she's older and understands more.
"to build a chrysanthemum society"
(* bang head*)


Shannon's Mummy said...

hahahahahaha... to build a dying society.. hahahaha

yayaya.. much better now... to build a chrysanthemum society...


I thot democratic is much more easier to pronounce? ;p

Your blog made my day! :)

Lily Ann said...

Maybe next year, she'll say "build an immortality society"
But then, if she still continues mispronouncing words then I gotta start worrying.