Sunday, August 3, 2008


Decided at last minute that I needed to rest. Rest? Not really when you're whisking and sweating out...but well it's something that I enjoy doing. And I've put on hold my Oreo Cheesecake - I've finally baked it!!!

Getting ready. Wow! So much Oreos!! 1 lbs 4 oz , approx 735+gm.
This is the first time I'm doing a crust but not the first time doing cheesecake. Okay.... the first time I baked cheesecake was before I knew my hubby and it was those premix from Japan I bought. So this is the first time for me to start from scratch.
Back to the crust, I realised I had some leftover so kept it aside first.
And when I poured the filling in. Strange? They mentioned 9 inch pan, mine is 9 inch what?! How is it that I have so much leftover? No choice I grinded more oreos to make another crust in a bigger tartlet pan. Read : tartlet pan - how "smart" I am. (no wonder so much leftover)
*ding* smells like Famous Amos - really the crust is nice but ugly (look like volcano). I laughed at the sight, I think maybe I put too high so it spilled over.
See the mess
I would have given the bigger piece to mom but it looked ugly, so I gave the nicer looking one to mom. Shucks! It didn't rise up much so I'm stuck with thin slices... maybe it's good coz' the more you eat cheese; the more jer-lat you feel.

I had to decorate the cake, so I took out the whipping cream I bought to try to whisk whipped cream. First attempt in this too, was contemplating if I should get a canister of whipped cream but don't get to use much and waste $$.
It didn't take long for the cream to turn out nice and I'm happy. But I was over-zealous and turned watery with curds. I thought whisking more should be fine so tried but got worst. Hubby then said "you don't know meh... you whip cream too long it becomes butter?" Huh? Butter? I didn't question him further but thought since he went Shatec before he shouldn't be wrong, right? I wasted $3+ but I guess it's okay coz' I learnt something new today (I found some info out on the internet later - should have done homework earlier)
Since I didn't have any cream, I tried to finish the last bit of chocolate frosting. I piped but then dodo bird me forgot that it's not stiff enough so it started to form 'puddles' instead. Hee!
Very thin hor? Looks nice......... the crust is nice but it would have been nicer if I had planned it & prepare the crust a day earlier
must present it nicely to convince people to try the cake
It's nice!! Really!

Bon appetit'

成功 or 失败? Taste is not bad but alot of mistakes here and there. It's okay, ganbatte the next round


Sugar Inc® said...

The oreo cheesecake looks delicious! Yum.

Lily Ann said...

Hi Anna,
Glad to have you here.
Still need alot of improvements, no choice not a pro like you so gotta learn things the hard and ugly way.

Sugar Inc® said...

Actually, I learn things the hard and ugly way too.... you just didn't see all my mistakes ....LOL! Take care, and you're doing great!