Monday, June 23, 2008


Didn't let Athena go to school on Friday, there were 3 cases of HFMD and 1 case of Chickenpox. Apparently the teacher told me it's the children from the younger class, but I found out later (much to my displeasure) that one of the HFMD case is in Athena's class. At the same time when mom told me the news, she informed that there's 4 cases now. Sigh........anyway they won't be doing anything in school so I pulled her out on both days : Thursday and Friday - she only went to school on Wednesday that week.

Since she kept complaining that I haven't brought her "to Aricia's school for soooo long" I thought I'd bring her out with me so that KZ can try to finish her work. Aricia didn't concentrate in class, kept asking me to carry her to sleep; when I did she sits up. Acted very tired in class, but the moment sensei opens the door -- that girl ran out and called "che-che...." and gave her a Barney sticker she kept for her ( sweet!)
Brought them out to Isetan Scotts and Borders. Aricia kept throwing books on the floor. Goash! I scolded her to no avail (very difficult to 管教 that girl) It was a short 2 hour but tiring time with the 2 kids. I surrender

Packed off some toys in their room into the storeroom. And I found some forgotten toys in the storeroom box. Threw away some and kept 3 sets of masak masak toys - doctor's kit, ironing board set & cleaning aids set. Can you believe it, I only opened the doctor's kit this year which was given to che-che on her 4th BD party. I opened the ironing board set that MH gave (also from 4th BD party) quite some time back - last year (hee!) and there is another set of similar game which I didn't open and will bring it over to mom's place on Monday
Hmm......I thought these masak masak sets can help in my pretend-play. Showed Aricia how to sweep the floor, she mimicked. After some time she surprised me by pretending to throw the rubbish from the sweep pan into our bin -plastic bag - in the kitchen. She remembered!
Okay, I promise never to buy them anymore toys. I'm trying to declutter my place, can't wait for Aricia to grow up faster so that she can quickly use them and I will sell them away.

I suddenly remembered the compound chocolates I have and decided to try them. All the while, I've been using those Cadbury confectionery type of chocolates to bluff the children. Proper way is to use compound chocolates but alas! forgot I threw away the white ones coz' they turned yellow - due to heat from the fridge top- so I couldn't paint. In the end, I ended up just doing the melt and mould process. I needed to see the outcome too anyway.
Forgot to take the pictures until much later when I was trying to take them out. Only left with the Mickey Mouse & Friends mold. The back is smoother this time, but I just don't understand why the chocolates didn't have that shiny look. Tastes better though. I didn't put it in the fridge to harden the chocolate, I let it harden with room temperature as I was worried about the melting. Anyway, I should try that one day to see if it melts if I left it outside.
Strawberry Shortcakes' and Precious Moments' chocolates

After the frustrating few times in making her play this song Gavotte, Flemish Dance and Pretty Bouquet properly - she finally did it today! Beautiful!! Must buy 4D!
Okay, I'm rather particular in the way she plays. Not suppose to slam the keys (which is why decided that we really needed a piano instead of relying on the electone). And the touch, + the feel for the song. Perhaps that's why Peggy says I'm too strict with her? But then again, she's suppose to play in that way what! If I don't enforce at home, she plays wrongly in class - also get scolding from Peggy. Aiyoh 这么难做 人

Dinner - woah! dunno why hubby decided to go all the way to Thomson for our dinner. After my dinner, I brought Aricia for a walk so that KZ can have her meal, I was brought back to my childhood when I went into this shop - biscuitKING. Wah... I want this, I want that. There is even the preserved olive tidbit where you have 3 rolled into a triangle. Dunno if you know what I'm talking about. Immediately, it reminded me of my PAP days in Siglap. (Yup! My habit of snacking started since young, which explains why I'm FAT!) And there is Tora - the chocolate ball which tasted nice at that time but now with Ferrero and all the 'heavenly chocolaty sins', it's rated last. But oh well.
Hubby tempted the older greedy girl with roti prata, she was already full but still asked for it. In the end, we finished it. Aricia was making too much noise in the restaurant, screaming. And a funny thing happened just as we were about to leave the place. She was making far too much noise and our attempts to keep her quiet was unsuccessful. Just then she let out another big scream, and the guy behind us; next to us and the staffs all went "Ssshh". LOL. Geez! I'm going to have alot of things to talk to her for her 5 mins suggestion leh!

Ran some errands apart from collecting KZ's work permit.So sian, I have to do it again in January.
Brought Aricia to Athena's Berries school for the first time and that girl (comically) fell down from the cushion just because she was too light. Haha! Poor thing. Nope, she didn't cry at all.
I so bai-wu-long (blur) today, in the evening I passed by Wei Teng's father stall (Wei Teng is Athena's classmate) and bought some otahs from him. Normally people will pack in 5 sticks right, actually he has already packed them in 10s. I was also blind, I was looking at it but my mind kept telling me 5 sticks. As he was closing stall, I bought 2 packs to try to finish the otahs for him. I gave him $5 and he wanted to give me change, I think he was trying to act polite and I was so generous to tell him "never mind, never mind" and waved my hand; actioned like one charitable lady. I walked away.. and then something told me to open up the plastic bag. I stared at the thing, 10 sticks in each pack x 2 = 20 sticks @ 40 cents = $8. !!!!! I found it funny, walked back to him and (what the heck I was thinking!) asked him "1 stick is 40 cents right, 10 sticks in one & there's 2 bags so I gave you too little already right?" I gave him another $10 and wished the floor would open up to swallow me and I get trapped in all the otahs. I wonder what went through his mind, "Athena's mummy so cheap-skate trying to fleece me." Hee! KZ kept laughing at me; but she knew it was unintentional. Now I gotta eat the 20 sticks until I lao-sai.

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