Monday, June 16, 2008

1st Playdate for this hols - OMG!

OMG! Can't believe it, this is the last week of hols and I haven't organized any playdates for Athena.

And so, since Josephine's sms came so timely - saying that Braxton told her he misses Athena - I thought why not get them together. Well, that is if the mother allows him to skip school, his older sister Melia is in P2 so she's in the hols mode. Glad she obliged and off we went to Downtown East.

The children had fun together, read Athena's blog.

The only thing I wanted to say one time in the cafe, Braxton and Athena left the table and sat somewhere else on their own. I thought it looked funny, and they still remain so close after a year or so of separation. Hmm.... preschool sweetheart? Now makes me think, whatever has happened to my Ah Boon.

So the day ended. I am glad that I've finally set a playdate for her this hols.

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