Tuesday, June 24, 2008


She doesn't talk but screams now, very noisy where ever she goes attracting alot of attention the wrong way.
KZ was relating to me once she was screaming in public, the patrons in the restaurant kept turning around to find out where the sound come from.. and nobody saw her (coz' too small). One lady nearby was using body language asking her friend where the sound is coming from; her friend kept winking her eyes in Aricia's direction. Hee!

Mimicking her sister, when she cries she don't understand what she was mumbling. But we thought we heard her "waaah.........ah............sorwe mee mee...............sorwe mee mee............."
sorwe - sorry
mee mee - mummy
Guess where she learnt this from? Her sister! Obviously when che-che gets punished, che-che will cry "sorry mummy.."

When you tell her "goodnight", she uses one hand to cover one eye and snore.

She likes to do things her way, even when I try to guide her hand to do some writing - she screams and pull it away - retaliating. How? Sometimes I feel that yes, she's learning whatever I'm teaching her but simple task of following my instructions or guidance she's refusing. Argh!

You know she's just proven to us that she's thinking beyond her age. And to think that KZ was tricked by a girl of her size (no pun intended). They were in KZ's bedroom and Aricia asked her for water, KZ opened the door and that girl ran out of the room; came to me; hugged me tight and refused to drink any water. Goash! She already knew how to find way to run out of the room.

Teeth :
I lost tracked of the dates her molars were out. Noticed now she is drooling and a cuspid is growing.

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