Friday, June 20, 2008

Ouch! I got bitten!!

How would you feel if you were bitten not by scorpion but by the mouth you're feeding??

Just a day ago, it was during one of my nagging session when out of spite asked " I love you so much, do you feel it?" She shook her head and said "no" - OUCH! That hurts. When pressed further for her reason, she cited "because you always bring mei-mei out." Whatever gave her the impression that I brought her out, goash! I'd love to bring her out more often but that girl is far too ...tiring for me to care when we're out. If she looks at this 'going gai-gai' as a show of love, then she should think and remember how much we have brought her out gai-gai. On the other hand, you're talking about a 6 year-old child here who don't remember what happened in the past and only knows and sees what is happening now. But it does feel hurt and backstabbed by your own daughter. I told her "you don't even know the little things that mummy did for you. Love is not shown by buying you things. I think even if I cut my heart out for you, you wouldn't even feel that is love." And then I think... her personality is definitely not mine; only caring about herself; thinks everyone should treat her good when she don't even reciprocate.

Perhaps you might feel that I'm reading too much into her innocent sentence. Maybe I should share with you what I overheard from the children the other day.
Alexandra and Athena were talking about The Barbie Princess CDs, the children will rattle off the titles they have. My hao-lian daughter will rattle off all the complete titles. Alexandra only had two, and I don't know if she's trying to console herself or what, she ended up saying "wah, so many ah! No need to have so many." But look here, this girl is so easily contented. And the most important thing is 'she didn't have so many things but she obeys her mother. Athena has so many things and she don't obey me.' We've spoilt her??

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