Thursday, June 5, 2008

Haven't been updating

I don't know to say I'm lucky that I'm down or not, when I'm down I'll be sleeping and sleeping like nobody's business and throw everything to helper.

For no reason, I had diarrhoea on Tuesday late evening and so I was extremely exhausted the next day from lack of sleep from the visitation to my Mr T (toilet) and excessive coughing.
Wednesday, left Aricia at home. Brought Athena to school, saw the doctor and slept and slept in mom's place. Woke up for lunch and went back to sleep. Woah! If only I can do this when I'm fit, I'll be considered a fat tai-tai.
Had to bring Athena for her music lesson in the night, she missed two lessons and her class progression is very fast and well that it'll be difficult to catch up with the rests if we miss another lesson. True enough! At one time, she simply stood there and stared at her friends when they were doing solfege. (think she was tired, she's been complaining tired at around 6 plus each evening - she hasn't really adjusted back to the timing) Teacher Peggy looked at her, "Athena you look at your friends like they are sheeps. You see too many sheeps already, now your friends become sheeps." Everyone laughed at that remark.
Thursday (today) - Brought Athena to school (forgot to bring her medicine yesterday so can't stay overnight at mom's place) with all her medicines and then proceeded back home to rest. Tired still, but not as bad as yesterday. Now, trying to backlog my blog but so lazy.

So what's up?

Tuesday - Athena stayed home with me and I promised her we'll bake. (oh! that's before the diarrhoea thing so my family is spared from the germs) With the ingredients we have at home, just nice to bake Chocolate cupcakes. Recipe copied out, and goash! it was all in cups measurement. I've been using my weighing scales and I didn't have the conversion tool without logging on the internet. So it was really based on my estimation, I have the cup measurement. But I thought the water and sugar was way too much and the butter. Chocolates - too much I don't care, the more the better. So I did my own adjustments.

Cupcake turn out good, not that sweet so maybe the sugar should have been more. But oh well, nobody knows it except my sister or brother who's reading this now, after they've swallowed all the cupcakes days ago. Hee!
I took another recipe from another book to do the chocolate icing. And the icing made up for the lack of sweetness in the cupcakes.

Here's my girl happily posing for photos, she's excited. So excited that she remembered the recipe called for 3 eggs and she put the whole thing inside. Okay.......just kidding, she knows I'm suppose to crack the eggs; kept asking me to let her crack the eggs. No, no she'll be adding in the eggshells as well if I allow her to do it.
Initially it was alright, asking her to read the recipe and do the measurement. We spent alot of precious time on that and I was so bloody hot (how to turn on the fan?)
She helped mainly with the beating / stirring. That I had to take over coz' worry too much air with her wrong technique of 'stirring'.
Mom told me I can bake from home to sell next time. I think after seeing the pictures, nobody dares to order from me. First I use illegal child-labour, next my labour was sitting on the floor - eeks! hygiene. Heehee!
Ai yoh, this kind of standard cupcakes, how to sell?
Did the recipe indicate how many cupcakes it was for, coz' it was endless scooping up the batter into the trays? Actually I made more smaller ones coz' the children likes the small ones better.
2nd row pictures : chocolate icing and halved cupcakes decorated. Athena helped a little with it, I didn't want her to end up throwing heaps of quins on them so I did mostly myself.
When I was almost done with the baking, I remembered that brother was on one week leave. I was still thinking of asking him to come by in the evening after his work to pick it up. Anyway, I tried my luck to see if he's outside painting the streets red , and then he can come by to pick up from my place.
Wah pieng eh...........dunno if it's worth his trip down to my place. I dunno whether to say my family is lucky or not, having to try to show their support by gulping down my horrible bakes.

They came down with Iggy (I've seen him 2 days in a row, 3 days since we got back) and he kena slap from my naughty girl. Aricia is sometimes an angel, she knows to sayang him when he was crying (and an incident, when she was trying to sayang him but his head was far away from her, she kindda grab his hair towards her bringing the head and she'll sayang him), but she can turn devilish too. For no reason, once she went up to him and slap his face with both hands. Ouch! He cried and she sayang -ed him (??)
Iggy finally took revenge on her. The children were playing on the piano when Iggy decided to bring down the cover. the process my little musician prodigy got her knuckles hit. Ouch! If my girl can't be a prodigy I'm going to sue my brother!! Hee!

Thursday -
This is Aricia's My Melody dinner.
Last picture, very sim-tia to see the rice destroyed in less than 5 minutes.


Shannon's Mummy said...

Oh.. take care of yourself!! Athena must be enjoying the cooking very much!!! And yes, sim tia siah.. the melody dinner really look so pretty!!!

Lily Ann said...

Thanks for your concern.
Athena enjoyed playing with the mixture.
You're very diplomatic, the My Melody dinner was so simple. I hardly used any effort in doing it.