Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The long weekend is finally over!

We didn't do much except to vegetate at home during the long weekend, going to nearby Punggol Plaza for meals. Boring place but if we need that break, it's a good place to just "walk the time away".
Before we left PPlaza for home, girl insisted on buying the "egg-egg" (non spicy otak) from the "uncle outside". Needless to say she couldn't wait and was already eating one on her way to the car. And the moment we got back home, she sat herself down at the dining table and made herself comfortable.

Monday (1st May) we finally brought out her out to the pool, after we missed the chance the day before. Hubby was still hoping that she'll change her mind about the "swim" and kept telling her "look, it's going to rain. Can daddy bring you elsewhere?" "Ok, I want to go Wild Wild Wet!" (Ps. Wild Wild Wet is a waterpark in Singapore) I burst out laughing.
We finally made a dash out of the house. Actually the moment we stepped out of the car at Hougang, it did start to drizzle. But it cleared awhile later. Daddy & girl went into the pool while I was filming them. I was quite surprised when a lifeguard told me that filming is not allowed. And there's a signage outside. Huh? Well, anyway I didn't intend to take long and wanted to jump into the pool myself, so I shut the camera; apologized and left the bag in the locker. And joined them in the water.Scardy cat (girl) was so afraid of being alone. Perhaps she had too long break away from the pool.

Click here for pool

We left the pool for dinner outside. Girl was complaining she's tired, hubby said "yes! She must be tired after the swim." I answered him "what swim? She didn't swim, we swam and pushed her. We should be the ones feeling tired." We then left for home close to 8pm.

To think that she complained she was tired. At home she was so energetic and was watching VCDs and then she turned on the Yoga CD by Wai Lana. And started doing it. Quite hilarious, and to think that she thought she was really exercising.
Click here for Yoga Video 1
Click here for Yoga Video 2

My eyes couldn't open and it's time for dreamland.

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