Thursday, May 18, 2006

Catches tune very fast

All the while I knew that my girl catches tune to songs very fast, never did I expect just listening a few times she could remember it so well.
Just the other day, I heard her humming to herself when she was doing some colouring. I went up closer and after some time I realised it was : Onara 오나라 theme song from 大长今- the Korean drama that is showing on ChU now.

Hubby and myself were quite interested in this show, so we turned it on every night(Infact we missed alot of earlier episodes & only started watching in mid-April ). Girl who is still sleeping with us, either refuses to sleep or can't sleep with TV on, would watch it with us. Then come 10pm, when the trailer starts, she'll excitedly scream "It's hey ah hey ah..." 'Hey ah, hey ah' is her interpretation of this show. And why?? -->
End of the show, she'll sing to the song. Nobody can make up what's the lyrics coz' it's in Korean but she'll sing "hey ah, hey ah. Pai ya pai ya..." And some time during the song its " la". I think she heard some words sounding the same. Haha!
But I'm so proud of her, she catches tune fast and ahem.. is not tone deaf.

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