Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wah piang.. that gu- niang / Couldn't keep her excitement

I cannot take it, my girl is a wimp!

Today, I brought her to Tampines pool alone as she wanted to play on the "slide n mushroom". Since she was so keen on the slide, I gave her the instructions to walk up the stairs herself "be careful the steps are wet"- coz' I cannot rush down in time to 'catch her'.
I waited & waited and thought it must be a long queue. A man was up there with his son and I asked if there was a girl with a bikini there. He nodded yes, when the girl appeared, he mimicked the action "this girl?" I waved "no" and quickly went behind. Just then a maid was carrying her. She was crying "I want mummy.. I want mummy." 2 boys were excitedly narrating to me how she fell and she had a little blood on her knees. Wow! They make good story-teller.
Wah piang ah....ask her to do something simple also can fall down. ?? All the other kids never fall down, she fell! So careless!! Makes me worried that she cannot take care of her ownself - like that I must make sure I live to a ripe long age. I worry she gets bullied.
After that episode, I cuddled her by the pool. At first she didn't want to go back, but after some time she saw the kids playing - she said "yes". So, twice, I brought her up and asked the man (who so happened to be there again) to help me look after her while I went downstairs to 'catch her'. The man was quite helpful by putting her to sit down when he asked if I was ready. Anyway, girl came down the slide twice smiling and laughing. She had soon forgotten about the pain.
We went to the 1m pool after that to "make her swim and not just play with water". Time passes, before we know it we had spent 1hr+ there. Needed to leave as my parking coupon was expiring soon.


The card she sponge printed

Words written by Ms Chan but her lip print on it.

My priceless necklace

Usually whenever I pick her up from school, she'll run to me; open up her bag (if she has something to show me) - sometimes telling me "mummy, I got presents. Today is Elliot's birthday" or "mummy I got stickers".
Today she opened up her bag and said "mummy, mummy I make necklace for you", having said so she gave me the necklace and a card.
I only had the time to open up at home late in the night. When I was looking at the card she started singing to me (to the tune of Birthday Song) "Happy Mother's Day to you, Happy Mother's Day to you.." And then she refused to sing. Quite surprised, thought she was smart to make up the songs herself - coz she does make up lyrics and sing at home.
Umm... wonder if next time she'll make cards for me. Ps: I still keep the heart-shaped flower she made for me last year.

I think she sensed I was rather touched by her kind intention, later snuggled up to me and told me softly "mummy my leg pain pain, I want Dora plaster.." knowing that I will give in to her.

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Little Miss Snooze said...

oooh. so sweet to have your lil girl wish u hoh. :)