Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

What is Mother's Day to me? Does it hold any meaning to me?

Nah... my girl is still too young to understand this. I wonder if she'll ever do the little things to make my day on the second Sunday of May every year when she's older?

Time being, I'll be happy if she don't drive me up the wall with her nonsense behaviour and tantrums.

Origins of Mother's Day

There are two theories as to the origins of Mother's day.

One is traced back to the Ancient Greeks where Dhea, the mother of all gods and goddesses was honoured once a year. In Rome, the mother godess was known as Cybele and she was celebrated for three days. The Church later adopted this practice to celebrate Mary, the mother of God.

Another origin can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where the goddess Iris was celebrated once a year. She was supposed to represent the ideal Engyptian wife and mother

Eventually, in UK, 'Mother's Day' was celebrating on the 7th Sunday of Lent. Families would reunite over a special dinner.

Today, mother's day is traditionally celebrated in May, but on different days depending on the country. Some people wear a red carnation on this day, or a white one if their mother has died.

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