Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The most dreaded thing..

The most dreaded thing I want - is to pass my bug to my girl.
I haven't been feeling well since Saturday and true enough on Monday it got worse. Only yesterday I decided to bring my girl to her PD before I go back to the doctor myself. PD confirmed that I've passed it to her. Darn! I slept in different rooms from them for 2 nights, but somehow still .... I think it's the day time contact with her.
Nevertheless, it's really heartening to know that my girl showed so much concern for me when I told her I was not feeling well on Saturday. She chided me "you never wash your hands; you fall sick. Got bacteria. Quickly mummy go wash your hands." Then when I was feeling achy behind, I was trying to 'beat my back', that girl went behind me and said "mummy, I massage for you" and gave me a hard whack. *cough cough* She almost killed me.
Then on Monday night, she kept insisting on sleeping with me although I already told her "no". In the end, I thought, anyway she's already got the bug from doesn't matter.
A big re-shufflement between hubby and me. He slept in her room; while girl and me have the big bed to ourselves. I told her that "mummy can't sleep in aircon room. And you'll feel hot", she was very understanding and said "tomorrow you ok, you turn on aircon. Today you sick sick, you sleep with fan. Athena no hot." Poor girl.... she kept turning towards me in the night and she was perspiring..

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