Sunday, April 30, 2006

Alexandra's Birthday party on 23rd April

Waiting for us to get ready
Having some fun posing for me
Could see the excited look on my girl's face since last night. And this morning, she was even more excited. She reminded me to bring the birthday present for "that Ale.. dunno what's her name girl". Quite poor thing my girl don't get invited to many birthday parties. (which explains why I brought my video camera along.)

Mainly her friends are her classmates, and they only do a simple celebration in school.I remember when I approached Mrs Wong last year if they allowed Pinatas in school, she at first reacted to "what's that" and then said "no, coz' we are afraid of the danger" although I assured her that nowadays Pinatas have those pull string kinds not the 'whack till it opens' kind. So any birthday party that she's been invited to - MUST GO!!

I shan't say much, just view the photos and some video links :
- Art & Craft
- Limbo Rock
- Birthday song (look out for the birthday girl's defensive action)
- Getting her cake (after a long long time..)
- Eating her cake
- Pinata
- Post-party

Ps. I frightened the shit out of some people inc. Angeline, when I stood on a chair to tape the Pinata scene. I heard "Ahurrr....."behind me. Haha! With Athena, I actually ran after a bus once; with my mother and some people in the bus-stop panicking for me. Now with No2 is this! Hee!


Some notes on her behaviour
1. Too timid
2. Too shy
3. At home naughty like dunno what.. outside behaved like an angel.
4. Needs alot of nudging
5. Scardy cat. Very slow - sure lose out.

The reasons why I'm saying this, is through my observations during the party
She is way too timid and shy. All the other kids could be so independent and join in the games and queue up for things. She doesn't, she gets so clingy. I don't understand what she's afraid of? Obviously, she didn't take after me.
When you queue, you are supposed to move forward. I don't know why she simply stood there, all the other kids from behind went forward. I had to push her.. then to the bystanders - they may think I'm "yao gui (in dialect)" or "greedy". She wanted to join to see the cake, and she had the advantage as she was around there when the table was set up. She would have stood there right infront of the table. But she dare not move forward until all the kids come in. And then she start screaming "I want to see, I want to see.." Stupid right?? When getting the cake she waited quite a long time to get her cake until the lady noticed she had been there.. gave it to her. And I was the only parent to stand with a kid, make me so "yao gui". But then seeing how she enjoyed the cake made me happy.
Pinata time, I had to ask hubby to help her. Cause knowing that "gu niang" girl very slow, sure will not get anything. And you know all the kids will rough it out; take it away from her. And what will she do?? She'll just stand there and then look at us pathetically, not fighting back.
Hubby made the remark "bring her go party, she get bullied."Well, I reminded him about what Master Tan said about her. "No guts, needs alot of pushing from the parents." As her mother, it pains my heart to see her disappointed look or when she gets bullied. But what can I do? A few times I stood up for her and scolded the other children when she was bullied outside.. but I'm not with her every minute; every hour.
Needless to say, she didn't get as much goodies as the other kids. But how am I suppose to answer her? Be frank with her and tell her "you stupid, you slow??" I can't.. it may hurt her feelings. So just had to find other excuse to make her feel better. And we wanted to make up to her by buying her titbits from supermarket.

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