Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1) Baby is very active-like her sister 2) Conversation with hubby

I am not sure if I had felt Athena moving in me at 20 weeks, but I felt baby2 punching me or kicking me. I get that "thump thump thump"feeling very often now.
I've got another potential black belt TKD master.
Athena was very active when she was in me, she'll kick; punch; move alot. I suffered alot of abuses from her and now from her sister too!
But having said so, I'm glad I felt the baby's movement, so at least I know baby is enjoying herself.

They were showing some things on pregnancy on Discovery channel two days ago. Narrator suggested to listen to music (as if we all don't know), then hubby asked me "you got listen to music for baby or not?"
M: Mainly it's Athena's music, when I play for Athena baby listen lor. Once in a while will pop baby's CD lor..
H: Then got talk to baby or not?
M: (looked at him)Huh? Last time with Athena - yes lah coz' nobody around to take care of mah.. Now U know I got my hands full with that girl, I dun talk much to this baby. And probably baby will listen to "Athena why are you so naughty" from me.
H: (laughed at the remark, turned to ask daughter) Athena next time mei-mei come out, first thing she'll ask you is "Athena why are you so naughty?"
A: (girl who is struggling and trying to concentrate on her new yoga pose) Huh......

When told him about gender yesterday.
H: U think our girl will be as pretty and cute as Athena? Will look like her
M: Hopefully.. (in my heart, hope she has nice eyelashes and tall like her sister)
H: Wonder how's the personality like? So coward like Athena?
M: Hopefully not. But I won't be surprised if this little dog is able to protect her elder sister like Joseph protects his elder brother Jeremy.
H: But baby won't feel upset about wearing old clothes meh??
M: Why should she feel so? Don't tell me Athena's clothes will only be worn by her and then thrown away? Some ppl like same gender so can pass down clothes. And this is a good timing to teach Athena about sharing.
H: Like so poor thing... And then Athena already went to so many countries, next time it'll be harder for us to travel with 2 kids. This baby will travel lesser countries than Athena
M: Maybe yes for now coz they're both generally still young but maybe in a year or so, Athena would be older and probably abit more sensible. She can take care of herself while we watch over her and take care of baby. She can help also..

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