Sunday, March 29, 2009


Received the artwork for Athena's albums in my email. I've already asked them to add some things for me.

Didn't notice it earlier. I'll be asking them to edit certain English wordings which sound very weird, apart from that I'm happy with the outcome.

Now awaiting Aricia's. Can't wait to see hers!


Serene said...

Looking Good!!

Mel said...

Where was it done & how much the damage? I like the costumes and photos but the english text cannot make it- typo and spacing errors.

Lily Ann said...

Serene : Very simple. So cannot 'hiam'
Mel : Did this in Shanghai. Very cheap! S$90 for 15 shots, 4 costume change, 1 album, 1 6R or was it 8R photo.
What u see here are for 2 books = $180. Very difficult to narrow down.
Yes, the English text is the 'kuah bo' kind.

Mel said...

Great deal for the photos! :)