Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Some of my memories are flooding back. Yee ha!! Last night I managed to get my iphone with all data intact. Thank goodness I didn't lose much 'little notes' I wrote to remind myself on things.

The staff (in hubby's office) helped to jailbreak my phone and he downloaded several applications for me.

Last night too, I managed to change the look of my phone.


This is my message background
All the icons

Was so happy with the games he downloaded. Especially this game called Monkey Ball. But.......apparently Athena played with it earlier on and it suddenly disappeared. Argh!

May try to download again.
IT dummy nutcrack me will need to do this slowly, if not.... hubby is going to kill me if I ever ask him to bring it to his office. No more IT presents for me.
As for Ipod usage, I'm going to use this just for solely listening to music. I'm using my other MP4 player to do the editing tracks for Aricia's home sessions. Don't want to risk losing datas again.

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