Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good morning!

What a fine morning it is, I hear birds chirping, I didn't hear my children yakking non-stop in the car, I see a rainbow in my heart.
I am like a bird released out from the cage. My eyes better, still sticky but not that bad as compared to before. Best of all, I will not go blind. Will get to see my children getting married (but first have to see the mess they always make in the house) Homebound too long makes me go gila.
Started the morning with a pleasant greeting from a lady who came up to tell me she's been reading my blog. Nice to meet you, S. And small Singapore it is, her child n Aricia is in the same school. Perhaps next time we might have a chance to chat further. I haven't got the chance to meet the parents of Aricia's classmates, coz' normally I drop her off early and.....there's a 10mins grace in carpark, nobody stays there for long. Hee!
Anyway, like I said if you do see me in the streets, I don't mind you coming up to tell me.
Rest of first 2 wakeful hours, a breakfast in Macs. A stopover in the market (eeks! Ah Soh!!), eye drops and back home.
Quick posting on this in Macs, bear with the ugly alignment till I adjust back home. Batt running low.


Serene said...


Its me, S... Hope I did not take u aback with my approach yeah. :p

Lily Ann said...

Hi Serene,

Ah ha! You finally sign in to blogger.
Oh yes I was quite shock at first, coz' thought you knew me from SQ. But surprise you could recognise the ah-soh me.
At least I know who's reading my blog.

Lily Ann said...
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Serene said...

haha, no choice. To comment on blogger, need blogger acct :p

no lar, u not ah-soh, dun say that! U are beautiful mummy of two! :D

Lily Ann said...

*blush blush*

BTW, did I hear you calling your girl A_ _cia? She's in K1? I didn't have a good look at her coz' blur vision. Hee!