Friday, March 27, 2009

Semi tai-tai life (finally?)

This semi tai-tai life will happen only once. Today both kids end school in the afternoon. Aricia's trip to Zoo, Athena's full day.
Woah ho! If only this happens once a month ...

I took the opportunity to be out of the house and do some shopping. I need to relax

First place I went was Macs to while away that 1 hour then went to Sony Service Center in Wisma. Silly me thought they open at 10am, until was told it's 11am. I went shopping to while away that 20 mins. Didn't buy anything for myself but for the children at Gap. By the time I was done with that one shop, it was already 11+. Good thing I didn't have to wait long for my turn.

Walked over to 4th floor, where all my favourite haunts are - Better Toy Shop (for the children), Art Friend (for the children), Creative Hands (for the children), Kinokuniya (for the children and for myself). Was tempted to buy but in the end I bought . Sounds fun huh?

I had been looking for the edible "grass" thing to put in the Easter cups. This year will get to give more to Aricia's classmates, Athena will be given a smaller proportion for her friends, the close ones in her class. Unfortunately no luck over various places. No luck in Art Friend either. Sigh..........just when you need it .............. it's "WE NO LONGER CARRY IT." Argh!!!! In the end, I settled to do it the manual and tedious way of cutting the strips from crepe papers.

Went down to Kinokuniya to look for things, they don't carry that book at all, can't take no for an answer; must buy something. Bought this for Aricia and this is for myself. *happy happy* I wanted to look at baking books and gasped when I saw the time. It's already 1.28pm. Oh no! No time for my lunch, I was still thinking about popping by Coffee Club. Cham lah! Time passes by so quickly, I barely had that tai-tai feeling and my job as a chauffeur starts. Dang! Packed lunch at KFC.

When I reached Aricia's school, I saw so many parents waiting. I waited for almost 20 mins. If only.. silly me should have called the school up. I could have browsed the other books.

I think I should declare a day off for myself.

PS: Serene, can you please let me know your girl's name and class. Thanks!

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Serene said...

Hahaha sorry jus read all the backlogs.. been so busy. Lots of changes in my life recently :(

can i email u?