Friday, March 13, 2009

Time out!

Athena didn't have to go to school today coz' it's Sport's Day for P3 and above. She was so happy when she knew about it last week.

Brought her out after I dropped Aricia off.

Stopped by at Macs for breakfast...........after some time this girl came up to me and said "Athena's my classmate" and walked back to her daddy. I invited B and her dad to join us in our table. Coincidently they were heading to the library as well.

The children chatted and read books (with KZ supervising them) while we chatted. They were having so much fun. Somehow I recalled the girl's name and remembered she's the girl Athena helped with the schoolbag.

Very sweet and outspoken girl. They were so funny, couldn't bear to part. Then they bump into each other again, hugged each other like lovers. Haha! So funny.

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