Thursday, March 26, 2009


Aricia's going to the Zoo tomorrow, I'm so excited for her. She's been to the Zoo before but I'd like to feel that my girl is big enough to join her friends for school excursion.

Hmm......we didn't allow Athena to go for any excursions until she's 3+ or 4. Coz' Athena is alot more clumsy, we worry she will fall etc.. (in actual fact it's the firstborn = pampered child. 2nd child = fall down; never mind mentality.) Anyway, Aricia is very sensible or so I thought!

We received the notice late on Monday (coz' she missed school the week before). I briefed Aricia that same night, telling her that she's going to the Zoo on Friday. And she has to tell her teacher "I am going to the Zoo. I have money in my bag." Conducted the same briefing on Tuesday morning, wanting to see if she can take ownership. When I reminded her to tell her teacher, she acknowledged me. In school, I asked the teacher to help me notice if she did convey message to her.

End of day I asked her teacher. "No.......she kept quiet. When I asked if there's anything for me, she tells me 'in school bag' "

Maybe still too young? Only the crazy mother can be so bo-liao to do such things.

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