Saturday, March 28, 2009


Earth Hour
Did you do your part in turning off your lights at 8.30pm today? We did.. not coz' of good reason but coz' we were out for dinner. Haha! We drove down to Compass Point from home, so you think we're being green??

Anyway, the moment I step into the lift I had to hear this irritating woman's voice. She was speaking so loud to her children like trying to show off, we took the lift from B2 travelling all the way up to 4th floor. Each time the lift door opens for more people to come in, her voice gets louder. Feel like slapping her! I probably felt so aggitated coz' I was hoping for some peace.
So what was that stupid woman talking about? The children were pointing to the Earth Hour poster that says Compass Point is taking part in it.

Woman : "oh no! They're going to off the lights. We didn't bring torchlight, never mind daddy handphone got torchlight. Ai yoh.. we didn't bring torchlight. So dark.."

Children : Mummy why turn off the lights?

W : Save the Earth. Everywhere turn off lights and then they use candles. (siao!) That means cannot take lift, daddy later we cannot take lift. Kena stuck for 1 hour. (turned to her children and trying to add in humour - which is not funny) You all scared dark or nought> torchlight; so dark. Who is kared?

Feel like telling that woman to shut her bloody mouth up, so irritating. Whole lift can only hear her irritating loud voice talking rubbish. Feel like telling her, "you're already blind even before they turn off the lights. The poster here says "facade" not the entire building."
Siao come some people never use their brains when they talk? It's just like some irritating Singaporeans who can proclaimed so proudly "I cannot speak Chinese. I ony speak English ak home. We are English-elucated." And I feel like asking them they Chinese or not, dare to say cannot speak Chinese. Although I am bad in Chinese, I won 't deny that I can't speak but say I can't speak well. And really you shouldn't hear me when I speak. Okay, it's not that jialat lah! Just that I can't phrase my sentence fluently. And why talk about English-elucated when you're speaking horrible Singlish.

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