Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a bird, it's an ...

Witnessed at first hand, two innocent toddlers who made the cutest remarks.

Changing Iggy's diapers, with Iggy stripped. Aricia tilts her head (bending forward)to see his little bird-bird and said....
Iggy looks down at his own bird-bird and said,"No.......hippo."

You can imagine the loud laughters coming from mom n myself.

*This is her second time looking at Iggy's private part, first time she was so curious. Her remark was "hee funny." But then -this gives me an impression that my girl is 'cheeko'


Unknown said...


So innocent!

Lily Ann said...

Serene, can I know your girl's class n name please????

Lily Ann said...

My apologies Serene, just saw your previous comment. Email me at
It's a temp account, will let u know my actual email address from there.