Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kawaii !!

I'm so in luvv...........with these.

Monday night I saw my leftover chocolate couvetures (from my fountain) & melted them to make these molded chocolates.
They do look shiny but the flash spoilt the picture.

I tried this as well, using my cookie cutters .. but can't seem to do it nicely.
You can roughly guess this is Ariel. I like the outcome of the shell and fish.

On Tuesday, I went to run some errands. At the same time went to Meidi-ya to stock up on groceries. Now my cupboard's really full!! I saw this cute pack of jelly. The jellies are in the molded cavity, it's really small (of course! eat too much will get toothache). We kept it, I have the candy mix which I will try one day on this small mold.

*apologies for blur picture. Used the older camera.

Apart from my craze shopping in basement, I hopped to Kinokuniya as well looking for a Japanese book. Can't seem to find, seems like its out of print already. Bought these for the children.

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