Wednesday, March 18, 2009

你好! - Part II

Day 4 - 17th (Tuesday)
Tried calling Irene but can't seem to reach her, mebbe I copied the number wrongly or its incomplete. Sigh....... there goes my chance of meeting her in Pudong.
Hubby helped me make appointment for photo shot for Thursday. Can't wait! Since we were in Pudong, I headed for Super Brand Mall, said to have good facilities for children.I saw this shop offering photography, I liked it very much and Athena too! Coz' the costumes they have are really nice. All the Princesses and Barbie Princesses. And what they do is to put the photos they take and put it into the fairytale storybook (with text). Athena love 12 Dancing Princesses and I could see that she really wanted it. It's really nice, I want to spoil her and Aricia but ..... we can't take another day to make that long journey to Pudong, + it's really costly - RMB3990 for the small album, RMB4990 for the big album. That works out to $1000++ for one costume change. $2000++ for 2 kids?? Not like I'm so rich. With a heavy heart, we both left the shop. I made it up to her later when she wanted to paint a canvas bag. She chose to paint a mermaid, she likes mermaid now.

Hubby came to meet us at 1.30pm. I'm surprised and told him he didn't have to deliberately take time off to meet us, I'm fine really. yah.... like real.

There's a bookshop on the highest level. I brought my list along, but they didn't carry any of it. Sigh... no choice I'd have to get that in SIN paying double price. *sigh* But I manage to get other books, I like to buy those paper craft books. I saw some really nice Disney Princess craft books too, bought some.

Dinner - went to this place called 古北店, which houses Carrefour, BreadTalk, Food Republic and a few other shops. 古北 is near to where our hotel is and this area is said to be an expat area. Ehh.....not that I saw alot of angmohs here but there were many chinese-looking people. I haven't heard anyone speaking singlish either!
The children are really fussy, I mean really very fussy. I've never seen other kids as fussy as them. Shit! Why is it that it always has to be me?!?! But this time round, I'm so happy that there's a stall selling udon. Woah ho!! *Clap hands* and a sushi bar that sells
fish flakes sushi, we couldn't find any salmon skin sushi for her but thankfully Athena was game to try the fish flakes. Bought 2 and then she asked for more, so we packed back to the hotel.

Day 5 - 18th (Wednesday)
Trip to Shanghai Zoo  the girls and me. There goes my hope of bringing the children to major tourist sights. Sigh...not like they understand anything in the first place. Athena wanted to see all of the animals in the Zoo, which I think is impossible coz' we can't cover everything. Not when I don't have a stroller to push Aricia around (and ayway even if we did bring stroller. We'd have to start our nagging at Athena for not giving in to mei-mei and lazy to walk etc...) Not only that, I don't want to see animals which we can see back home. A must see for the children - Panda. I've seen it before somewhere.. was it in our zoo or another zoo??

Left the Zoo about 3 hours later for  古北店 again. Late lunch for the children, then ta-bao back some udon for dinner. They swallowed every bits and pieces of udon, Athena used to like kamaboko but now hates it. So fussy!

I hate it! I hate to fight but I HAD TO FIGHT. Going to my destination from hotel is easy but coming back from anyplace is a dread. People fight for cabs, they quickly open your door for you (you think they're kind??) so that they can 'chope' the taxi and nobody else can fight with them. Don't ask me to stay here, which I'm also thankful that hubby wouldn't want to stay here at all.

No empty taxis!! One man offered me a ride (probably so coz' he knows the heavy traffic + he pity me with a child in carrier and another, which I declined coz' I worry the hitchhiker will murder the driver.*wink*
I waited for quite some time until I decided to cross the road. Didn't wait long when a taxi came by and the pax alighted ahead of us, we quickly ran to the cab. Shouting at Athena "quick quick quick" Like a selfish bitch (nope! I didn't open the door for the man) I stood by next to the cab and quickly plant my backside on the seat before anyone else. I thought I heard the taxi driver saying something?? In my horrible mandarin trying to tell him the hotel name (of course he was blur). Until I figured out to refer to my map, pointed on the other road name at cross junction. He was mumbling. Don't care, I didn't know what's the problem with him until much later I heard him saying he was changing shift. I pointed to Aricia and said " 我的孩子饿了, 我需要回去酒店喂奶 " Liar! Haha! No choice, if I'm not cunning I'll never get back to the hotel.
We got back at 5 plus, really early. The children played in the bathtub with their "fishes" - small foils from the shower gels/ shampoos tube. I quickly washed some clothes (again), to speed up the washing process. I handwashed and just put it in for spin dry.
Had their dinner. Today I bought 2 cute Hello Kitty cheesecakes (from our Breadtalk). Athena didn't want it said she didn't like cheesecake except for the cheesecake I made. Huh? what's the difference? But Aricia wanted it, I shouldn't have trusted her words. She didn't eat the cheesecake but she'd eat the ones I bake.

And my children were tired. By 8 plus both were almost in dreamland.

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