Thursday, March 26, 2009


This week was a little diligent in making bentos for Athena. 3 days to be exact.

She kept talking about the sushi she ate in SHA and so I prepared for her some sushis using salmon fish flakes.

Tuesday/s work - 24th March
The night before I prepared the sausages. Can you guess what they are??

Answer : boat
Answer : Shark
The 6 sushi's
Packed in HK lunch box ..
into the bag
Wednesday - 25th
The same sushis, no photos at all.

Thursday- 26th
Told me she wanted to pack bread + ham and the brownie I baked.

Again, the night before I pre-cut the ham and cheese and the seaweed eyes etc... (just in case yours truly can't wake up early. Don't have to rush through)

I wanted to put in the eggs as well, but I didn't have sufficient time to finish doing it.

Served the eggs for lunch. Then you know what?? My big girl suddenly declares to everyone " I don't like to eat eggs now." Argh!!! And mei-mei also don't like eggs. Argh argh argh!

If only someone can sympathize with me over my damn superbly fussy children. Maybe should really let them go hungry one day, then they start to eat everything.

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