Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good to know

Collected my reserved book- The Values Book by Pam Schiller and Tamera Bryant @ the library this morning. I love MPCL - the children area. Must bring my children there one day.

If you have the chance, try to get hold of this book. Many a times as parents, we are too caught up with the educational aspect of raising a child, ignoring the most important element - EQ - thinking that they will not help them in the future (No paper qualifications; no job - sounds familiar?)

About the book :

Teaching 16 Basic Values to Young Children
Young children learn best by doing, and that includes learning values.

The Values Book
is packed with easy activities, projects and ideas to help children learn values and build character, both individually and in groups. Each chapter addresses one of 16 different values, including understanding, patience and tolerance. After defining the value, each chapter begins with questions to help adults clarify what that value means to them. The perfect book to introduce and strengthen the teaching of values in any early childhood classroom or home.

Best time to start nurturing that little precious of yours is now. This book starts every chapter with a song or poem. Of course good if you know the song, if not make up the tune yourself. Your child wouldn't know it.

In the first chapter of the book, it teaches Compassion & Empathy. The main cover song , I knew this song but didn't dwell into the meaning of the song until now.

"In a cabin in a wood
Little man by his window stood,
Saw a rabbit hopping by
Knocking at his door.

"Help me! Help me! Help me!" he said.
"I need a place to rest my head."
"Little rabbit, come inside
Safely to abide."

At the end of each chapter (Values), it gives you a listing of books you can read further with your children. Knowing me, I won't go and look for it in the library, I'd do it in the comfort of my home, clicking to reserve my books. Hee!

Anyway, that reminds me too, I heard Grolier sells a package on Character Building books. I'm not sure if that's the same one as these 2 :


When Athena started school, the school passed the children many fliers on subscribing to newsletters. So far, there's The Young Scientists for Science, Highlights, for GK, And some Math things which I did subscribe for her (see lah! subscribe for her also can forget name) I ignored the other two coz' all these are too overwhelming for me. As it is, too many things to declutter at home.
But somehow about a month or more back I saw this Learning Is Fun by BBC magazine on the rack which I found it to be really interesting. And I'm even more supportive when I see the acronym - BBC. You are able to subscribe to it via mediacorp.

Another interesting little magazine I found - National Geographic Little Kids. I think this has been out for some time already and I only noticed it now.


Mel said...

Hmm, the values book sounds good. But borrowed books have to return tooo soon leh.

U gonna buy from Amazon? Hehe.

Lily Ann said...

Yah agree on that point.

Still considering if should buy. I'm afraid to have books not able to sell after I don't need them = redundant.