Monday, March 2, 2009

My view's getting better

I am glad that I made the right choice in driving (half blindly) down to the specialist in ES. I took the gamble to pop by the clinic, coz' I tried calling them but nobody picked up the phone. If not, I'll have to go all the way to Mt E & hopefully someone entertains me or end up in Parkway Eye Centre in Gleneagles. That's my plan should my first option is out. I took down some contact from Yellow Pages in the morning. When I drove along East Coast Road, I noticed a Katong Eye Clinic next to the Women's Clinic. least maybe that could be my backup plan instead of risking my life driving down to town area in that heavy traffic.

It's my lucky day, I reached the hospital just in time. The clinic's just opened and I went in. Only one guy infront of me, I was called in.scuba diving in Bali Doc quite good-looking. Hahaha! So, I'm not half blind (just faking it) and if I thought I was numb and having stroke on my left side - I am not! At least my nerve did send a message to my brain to tell me he's good-looking. (so lucky day??)
He said my conjunctivitis is quite bad (no wonder didn't recover. And it's going to take me another week to fully recover from my 一个大 一个小眼睛) but good thing is that it didn't affect my cornea or the Lasik I've done 9 years ago. Phew! That's a relief. Gf teased me that I should stop bio-ing man, that's why I don't get well. Funny!

Prescribed Beoptic and TobraDex and I have to put it diligently every hour today, and every 2 hours tomorrow onwards.

The whole day I've been dropping eye drops. It feels like I barely finish the second bottle eye drop (needs interval time between both eyedrops) and I start cycle again?? goes to show the hour is ticking by so quickly.
I can feel the difference, left eye don't feel that heavy after the 2nd cycle. My eyes gets a bigger view now, not much headache.

And by the time it was close to Ros's class, my eyes were so much better, not much sticky feeling and that involuntarily closing-eye. I feel so much happier, my 'illegal business' can finally resume soon. Yay!

I can't believe it when gfs saw me at Ros's, say "so horrible.." Goash! They should see my eyes yesterday & the day before. I wonder how I manage to tahan the pain.

23rd June
By 1st Mar, both eyes were badly infected. Left eye feels very heavy; pain and was having headache. It got redder on 2nd Mar. Left eye closed more, vision narrowed and blurry. Tearing every minute
3rd Mar. My right eye's redness were gone. Left eye too, not that tremendous improvement as compared to my right eye (coz' I suspect it's more severe in left eye). But feel so much better.
Can't wait to bake, been dying to bake.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank friends for their concerns. I received many SMS-es at that time and couldn't reply to all coz' I didn't know who SMS-ed me. Remember my iphone konked out? Apparently after I got back my phone, all contact details have been deleted; all my notes too. sob....sob......all gone = my memory's gone too!

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