Monday, March 16, 2009


Greetings from my ancestral land.

We left for 上海 (Shanghai) on Saturday, joining hubby for his business trip.Was rather sad that he had to make this trip during the school hols, otherwise I was looking forward to going Japan. But better than nothing, better than staying at home and rot.

Flight up was so-so. I have one child (Aricia) who'd rather keep her mouth quiet and not eat/never complain hungry (and honestly I would prefer so too) and another Complain Queen (Athena) who kept asking "where's my food? I'm very hungry, where's my food?" Turned out hubby had instructed for Child Meal request but was not done by his staff or the travel agent. Spoke to the LS to help me do a request, he was kind enough to help me do an immediate request for our return leg. Though I know there's that chance of my children not wanting to eat the meal - very fussy eaters!!

Day 1 - 14th (Saturday)
Checked in at our
hotel, which is in the heart of the town. Very happening especially when it's the weekend. Walked around, not much of shopping but just strolling and getting ourselves entertained with the 2 hyperactive (I wonder what they ate) kids hopping and jumping and singing non-stop. Aricia attracted attention of almost everyone who's within our proximity. And it helps that she's not afraid of strangers, she would smile and say "Hello" and wave to them. Told her to say hello in chinese, word for word she follows me. That made everyone charmed by that lil' girl. She didn't sound funny saying 再见 but it sure is weird coming from her.

I found one place doing studio makeovers, children can be in Princess costume etc... the best deal is that for that price of RMB388 (approx S$90), I get 15 pictures in an album with digital designs - like what you see in KidsPictures, 4 costumes change. Additional photo approx RMB20-25. Get to keep the disc as well. Very cheap!! I'm so tempted!! I may want to get 2 kids in since I've been wanting to get studio shots for them this year. But I will be tired... but this is a super good deal. Shall call them again.

Day 2 - 15th (Sunday)
上海 - 杭州 (Hangzhou)
Definitely not our first trip there, except for Aricia, so it's not really the must see sightseeing trip for us. So don't ask me why we're there, hubby did all the bookings this time round. I didn't bother to ask as long as it gets me outta my mad house.
We left the hotel to go to another hotel to drop our big luggage first, we brought one small bag along for our stopover.

Needed to get a prepaid card, so I can be contactable. Unfortnately it's a no-no. Need to sign up for 2 years. Siao!

He wanted to take CRH - China Railway Highspeed - down but departure is much later. We bus-ed down instead. Not a bad move either, the bus was comfy and almost empty so we each could have a seat. Plus the journey of 2hrs was sufficient for a good rest - especially for Aricia - I had a good rest too.

Checked in and then went out. It's common to see people hawking for business, by offering to bring you around the major sights for a fee. And these people drive their own car. We managed to get a good deal. The guy wanted to bring us to all the sights in West Lake, which we didn't take. Hubby requested to bring us to 六和塔, which I thought sounded really familiar. He said he hasn't seen that. When we reached there, he looked and said "ay! I've been here, so which is the one I haven't been to?" Hmm.. think it is 雷峰塔. So blur!

We went to get Longjing tea and then headed to our hotel vicinity. Dinner and then returned to our room. Wasn't a pleasant experience to have dinner with Aricia - really! She sweeps things off the table; turns the bowls when you're still feeding her (and all the rice spills on table); she spits out food. Very frustrating. That is the reason why I never liked to feed her at home, I'd rather wash the car then scream at her daily. But I don't have a choice now right? At the restaurant, I shouted at her and hit her palms for turning the bowls (again!). While scolding her, I saw the waitresses/waiters coming to see the commotion. And somehow somewhere behind me I heard someone commented to his company "singaporean" - in chinese.
Very jia lat, very stressed up. They fuss about food is one thing, throw things away is another which I cannot tolerate.
The guy behind me (after a long long time) was trying to entertain Aricia. That girl forgot what happened and was so cheerful. *sigh* The guy mentioned something about the earlier incident, and I said that was the ultimum for me after the warnings I gave her. And I heard him saying "yes you need to discipline but in public area ...." he didn't say anymore and I got the hint from him. But after a while he witnessed the whole thing again when she throws things and tried to sweep the plates off the table. And then he said "ah ha! Now I know what you mean." Lucky thing I didn't kill my daughter, otherwise it'll be out in the headline news.

Back in hotel, while they sleep I had to iron some clothes to dry them asap. I then used hubby's Blackberry to blog but dozed off before I could post them.

Day 3 - 16th (Monday)
Our hotel is right next to West Lake, we were out for 2 hours. Took a boat, the kids rocking the boat more and singing rendition of "Row row row your boat" and shaking the boat, OMG!
Saw cherry blossoms.
Had a nice relaxing (heart thumping) lunch. Good thing I packed in Furikake for them. They ate alot. Alot of white rice with furikake. Yup! They're that fussy!! Fishball, meat, fish, egg etcs....all don't want. Anybody wants to do an exchange of children??
We trained back with the hotel concierge helping us. It's fast, real fast. So fast that after entertaining the children, I barely caught 40 winks and we reached Shanghai. *sigh*
Athena is rather pissed, asked me why people always squeeze. I explained that's how the people behave and in order not to be pushed back, we also had to push ourselves forward and step on some people's foot. The thing I don't like about this place is the culture, very arrogant. And oh my! the roads!! I wonder why they ever have the need to put up traffic signs and crossings when nobody adhere to them.
Great! I love it when this room has a washing machine, don't have to be too ah-soh! Can be a tai-tai already.
Tomorrow's work day for hubby, he's going to the other office in Pudong. So we're tagging along to Pudong. I said I wanted to meet Irene, but I haven't had the chance to make that phonecall to her.
Some places I want to bring the children and things I want to do, but for now I need to rest my tired eyes. Good night!

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