Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rubbish mumblings

Very nice
During our last library trip, Athena picked up this book and asked to borrow the book.
Must admit it's really nice... and I asked her if she wanted me to make cakes as nice as this coz' "your mummy can't do it". "No, mummy... I only borrow to see the pictures." *grumble grumble* that means she looks down on me as well!!

On a serious note, I want to try to do a fondant covered cake & had those tools for so long....hmm.... maybe can take to dig my ear?? Mel beat me to it, and that woman did such a fantastic job. Wish I had her talent and patience.

Putting on weight
F, a mummy from Berries, asked if I weighed myself. I didn't and I doubt I lost weight but gain instead. After all the rice dumplings; quick meals (even faster than eating onboard); egg tarts; chocolates for those 'pick me ups' and mom's "you better eat here coz' outside food's not nice, no better" - and I always end up eating more coz' she'll make goreng pisang, keropok etc.... eating more than I should. Argh!

But 2 kids did put on weight. Even K, my Jap neighbour say Athena's fat now & Aricia grown taller. I agreed with her citing the reason that she's been well-fed this one month coz' KZ's cooking isn't that good so my kids fuss about alot.
I can't believe the amount of food that can go into my lil girl. She eats alot (I mean I stared at the amount of food Fatonah fed her and when she finally finished everything..) - really alot! But she don't grow fat - very blessed!

Helping out or playing with water?
Recently, Athena started out helping me with the dishes. I don't know what prompted her to help me out, she even helped me out with folding clothes (messy but it's ok).
She's still a kid.. so I found it funny when she forced her mei-mei to finish the bread "hurry up, eat faster, che-che very busy. Che-che needs to wash the plate" (ehh... only 1 plate ok?) *after a while* "Aricia hurry up, che-che needs to wash the plate. You eat so slow (look who's talking?)"
Then all I knew was she was munching the bread in her mouth and acted so busy and helped me to wash the plate. I suspected she gobbled mei-mei's share so to expedite the washing.
Me : Che-che, are you eating mei-mei's bread?
She : No! I eat 3, mei-mei eat 2.
Me : There's only 4 pieces of bread. You mean you ate 3 and mei-mei took only 1?
She : No...*pause*. Yes, I eat...but b'coz mei-mei eat so slow.

Nonetheless, I thanked her for her help and her sensibility coz' she probably realise how busy the mummy is after 4 weeks.

The week in a glance
Bailout last Wednesday where I went for facial saw me lazing around and left the car to collect dust; suitable for Halloween. This week, likewise I had things to do, so this whole week haven't been at home doing what I was suppose to do. Was at mom's place to "plump up my girl" while I do my stuffs.
Thursday - was out the whole day between Pasir Ris - Tampines - Katong - Tampines - Pasir Ris before heading home. You say crazy or not?
After her class in the morning, I went to mom's place coz' I had like less than 2 hours of free time so needed a place to feed her. Somewhere..somewhere where she don't show her stupid temper to strangers; somewhere where she don't scream and have everyone to look at me - either pity or curse me. My appointment with Rin was at 1.30pm. I realised that school holiday is starting soon, and will need to quickly make payment to Aricia's school and get her school uniform etc... Hee! Reserve place but owe school money. I'm really 百无胧 (blunder), the place I enrolled her in is a Childcare - which means I still gotta bring her to school during school holidays. Argh! Never mind, I'll stay put coz' I prefer this school better than the other one in Kee Sun.
She was so cute, she took her uniform and put it infront of her and said "nice! nice!" Guess what size? S is still a little too large for her. School fees increased - $700+, we pay $600+ after subsidy, almost twice the fee for Athena's school. (she's an expensive child - gave her the best of everything)
Since I'm in the vicinity, I dropped by FnR for a play session. At the same time to check out the place for their decos now and discuss further my requirements (difficult customer - hee!) for Athena's party in 2 weeks time. Aricia only liked the ball area and rocking horse. Will probably bring Athena down one day - after her party that is!
My timing is a little 不三不四 today, I have another less than 3 hours to go before dropping by in Ros's place in the evening. So went back to mom's place (again), had dinner & showered.

Yay! Tomorrow's Friday and then KZ's back on Saturday!!! One more day
Verdict : I am really tired coz' for the whole month I don't get help from hubby. Wah piang eh..........try that yourself see can die or not? To be fair, he's been busy too. (but then he still has time to watch TV???) He has to work at home too the whole month - very untimely. But hor....he come and tell me "how come Athena never come home? Why don't bring her home? Ai yoh.... so poor thing they sleep so late." Of course! Must snap back at him! One person less at home here, one lesser job to do. Mom will have to help me with revising her spelling etc.. and moreover they have like how many adults to 2 child. I bao-ga-liao everything here which anybody going through this will be totally exhausted. Now that I know hubby don't even lift a finger after 2 years of plain laziness.. next time I'm not going to be so generous to my helpers. Sometimes I feel that I always empathize with people but they don't. So I'm going to be a selfish bitch from now on and grant my next helper 2 weeks max.

I wonder how Aricia will react when she sees KZ. She rejected her when we came back from our hols, not to mention this time round - where separation time is longer. She's been clinging on to me these days especially so in the night. She likes to sleep on me, I thought sometimes I'd try to run out in the night to wash the car but... I normally doze off and then jump up from bed in the middle of the night. I last washed the car this Tuesday.

Friday : the problem with over-pampering loading the kids with favors. As usual, I did the shopping for favors while getting ready for Aricia's party. Add here add there, I realised my treat bag is not big enough. Argh! In the end, I need to find bigger bags but I think they're not nice.. sob... story to be told later in the birthday preparation blog. So the day was spent looking for bags and ideas... with that girl. It's so difficult + dunno why that girl superbly fussy today. No stroller - very troublesome. Sure make me frustrated, gonna leave her at home on Monday & try to accomplish as much as I can.

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