Saturday, November 15, 2008

The letter

Received a letter from the school a few days ago with the textbook list and orientation program highlights.

Oh boy! I'm so excited, my 赤ちゃん 番号1 is all grown up and going to school. I started to think back 6+ years ago when I was preggie and then she popped and then .... sob sob story. The next time you hear me say this will be at her wedding in 4 years time.

I am surprised that they only need 2 exercise books, I remember we used to have at least one for every subject.
Then I felt so nostalgic about me being a pony-tailed ;spectacled child running in school. In that spooky school where.... more to be continued later.

Then, guess what? Her class is the same as I was in!!! Isn't that ?? Makes me so proud to be an IJ girl (heehee! but when my English teacher aka sister corrected my writing on my blog entries - I feel paiseh). Then I told her, "Athena maybe mummy pass you my school uniform. Ah yi wore that and passed it to me, I shall pass it to you next." She was so excited and wanted to wear it - she thought I mean it.

School orientation is on 22nd Dec. Collection of textbooks, I've selected 27th Nov - will buy uniform on the same day.

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