Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Once in a blue moon trip ..

to the Botanical Gardens. Not a good idea/place to go for a tai-tai wannabe. I hate the sun; I hate the dirt; I hate the humidity... but I love the company.
Initially I intended to bring mei-mei as che-che needs to be in school for her rehearsal & some schoolwork. In the morning, che-che kept bugging me to bring her out. In the end, I gave in to her.

She asked me to お弁当箱 for her complaining that it's been quite a long while since I've prepared one for her. yah yah yah and what do you expect me to prepare when she don't eat this and that??

dunno why I'm so thick-skinned to put my 弁当s pics in my blog - show the whole world I can't cook; show the whole world my daughters are ill-treated (malnourished)

For che-che ( rice with pasta & chicken)
For mei-mei. HK pasta with HK kamaboko & chicken.
The udon soup is kept piping hot in a thermal flask
Sigh...any one going Japan? I want to stock up alot of cute things. I so paiseh to ask H, who goes back twice every year. And she's going back soon. Argh!!!

All packed up and ready to go ...
and guess what? I forgot to pack in cutleries?!?!?! So stupid!! But it wasn't that bad coz' I saw a petrol kiosk and bought whipped potato to get 2 plastic spoons.

Then the blur me, was actually on the right track, saw one No Entry sign and thought I couldn't go in, made one big round to Cluny Road, only to realise there's no way I can go near Jacob Ballas.
Anyway, I decided to go house hunting there, to see the nice big houses and one was a mansion!! No kidding!! And decided which owner should take my cheque (which will bounce - no money)... in the end, I think I can only afford the gate. Sigh........

Athena was asking me "mummy, Nathan mummy can find the place? Aunty Ros also find the place?"
Me : Yes
Ath : how come you don't know how to go there. I want to go..............where are you going now? We are going far far away from the botanknical garden (about to cry)
Me : We are going back, mummy have to make a big turn. And yes, we are going back to the Botanical Gardens
Ath : how come you don't know how to go there? How come Aunty can go there, you cannot?
Me : That's becoz' the gardens is not my kind of place. Aunties are more adventurous than mummy, mummy prefer the air-conditioned malls

Phew! We finally reached the place, thanks to MH's phonecall.

The children went to the playground first, mei-mei was a little more daring to go on the slide. Che-che was a scaredy-cat. Since I was really late, they only played a while.

Then it was to the waterplay area, walking via a log and suspension bridge. Che-che scared like anything, the more she was hesistant to walk, the more I was afraid we'd both fall into the small stream coz' I was in heels!!

The children loved water, any kids would!

We had a little picnic and it was fun especially when you have good company. And soon.. I forgot I was supposed to be a pampered tai-tai wannabe. Hee!
Look at the nice bento meals MH prepared for the children. I declined her offer knowing my children are very fussy. When I saw what she prepared, che-che will not eat anything. As for mei-mei she might try but then it's really difficult to feed her outside

When I got home, my body felt hot. Nope! I didn't have fever but I was tanned. Argh! And mei-mei's just like me, get tanned easily. As for che-che she was alright ~ jealous of her.

Thanks for a wonderful day ladies!

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