Saturday, November 15, 2008

PTM - The final one

Today's the 8th and last time I'll be sitting in that small little chair and discuss with the teachers' on Athena's progression in class. And I had to do this PTM alone without hubby.
Final PTM, I hear, "Athena's well-prepared for P1 next year." I think every child should be prepared by now.. if they aren't then.... they 'cham'.

I get feedbacks from her teachers that she can write when I express my fear for composition. They said she can write, when I explained that she tends to forget the spelling words weeks after. They were shocked. "You sure? She can spell, she remembers." Then I was in shock "you mean she can spell everything out for you? I asked her to do it, she tells me I cannot remember how to spell." I finally drew in on the conclusion that she was only trying to make her mother's life hell not the other way round, by making me panic too much for her; by making me nag at her "phonics! Athena use phonics to spell the words, what did mummy teach you?"

So, how did I feel after the whole meeting? I'm still worried. I worry that the teachers' are only trying to be tactful to me; are only being courteous and tell me my daughter is clever (otherwise it'll reflect on them too). I worry............ the next PTM I go, will it be "your daughter is not paying attention in class. She makes alot of careless mistakes. She's the last in class. She better buck up." Argh!!!!


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