Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baking session

(night before :- prepared all equipments and buttercream + cookie dough)

Baking session with the kids. Bad influence on my part as I taught all to 'pontang' school.

Picked the whole gang (Eliz, Vic, Jachelle, Wei Teng) up. J - Wei Teng's mummy is the only adult besides myself. It was good to have her around - she was my "eyes" and instructing the kids to keep toys; wash hands; wash legs etc if I was busy. Must thank KZ too! She's already so well trained after so many playdates I organized at home, she's fast in keeping toys/cleaning up places.

Had lunch first. Lunch was pizza, didn't want KZ to cook coz' she'll have to wash the kitchen thereafter. But I did asked her to cook more porridge just in case the children wants to eat (nope! they didn't eat it).

Baking fun starts. And since there are 5 kids to 2 adults, I had to break them into 2 groups. I asked J to help me with Eliz & Vic (single portion). I helped out with Jachelle, Wei Teng & Athena (double portion).
When it came to breaking the mini oreos for the batter. The children started munching on them. One batch of chocolate chips; another batch of oreos.

Then it was time to put them into the muffin cups. I only have 2 trays and my oven can only go in 2 trays at one time so while helping one group; the other group splatter the batter on the sides.. you know kids are always messy. They did that one tray and then ran away, J and myself did the rests of the scooping and baking while they played.

J, Eliz & Vic mummy, came just in time. Just when 3 batches of cuppies are cooled, I started on the decorating while baking the rests of the cuppies. . But alas! I forgot to take them out sooner so it was quite hard.

We - the adults - did try decorating as well.

In all, it was an enjoyable session.

J, tried piping and decorating
Wei Teng's
* didn't have time to bake cookies. So I shall do that next time

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