Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to torture chamber *evil laughter*

After the PTM, I went down to BookFest wanting to grab some books at a cheap price. I knew what I was looking for, so I wasted no time in zooming in to the section.

Educational Value Cost = $170++
What the heck did I grab? Books (obviously) and more books for the children. Assessment books for chinese, which I realised I concentrated too much on english and math for her that I don't have any chinese P1 assessment book for her. Crazy mother!
Next year, maybe second half I try to target to do P2 books with her?? I think I'm crazy. Then why did I send her to normal stream school?

Wanted to get her a schoolbag too. But.........they all look bigger than her though she's considered above average, I kindda pity my girl - so small must carry big bag (heart pain).Ai yoh! Then I should pity Aricia!! She's definitely going to be much smaller... will look like a tortoise carrying her "shell" - hee!
Poor lil' girl I couldn't bring her with me (for obvious reasons - I can't shop in peace with her around) and she was mother-less the whole day. I will make it up to her tomorrow.

My satisfaction level today : 5 stars

My $$ level today : 1 star

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