Monday, November 17, 2008

The children

The noisy side of ferrying 2 kids in the car :

1) They like to open up the HK tray table. Then sometimes mei-mei will mischievously kicked the thing close, and then start screaming "Ohh...pen! che-che ohh-pen!" Che-che opens and she kicks again. Repeat the steps a couple of times. Che-che gets irritated, she tells her off. Mei-mei cries to open the table = You get 2 screaming kids behind

2) Mei-mei wants to drink water, drinks and then throws. The bottle dropped on the floor, she screams for "waa .... ter" cries thereafter. Che-che is asked to help, che-che whines "mummy I cannot reach" (hands stretched out -she deliberately does that and show me she's buckled up). Tell her to unbuckle her seatbelt, she whines. Then complains ..... = 2 whiny kids behind

3) If mei-mei is wearing a particular shoe, she finds her feet smelly (yes! very smelly) and then lifts her feet to her nose to smell and then whines "mummy... smerry. 臭 臭!" Smell again and complains again. Repeat this a few times in one minute. Che-che finds it funny and laugh at her, mei-mei sticks her feet out to che-che to smell "che-che smell.臭 臭!" Che-che screams "Noooooo......." mei-mei sticks out her feet to che-che again in between her own smelling of her own feet. Chaos = 2 kids on a smelly war behind

4) When it rains, the kids always asks me to use the rear wiper. "mummy mummy, tick tock" turn their head behind to see, reach out to touch. They laugh and then you see them mimicking the movement by moving their head from left to right vv. They asks for it again and again when I had to stop it. = 2 crazy kids shaking their heads from left to right vv

This is my interesting life as a chauffeur. Guess I need to use earplugs soon

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