Friday, November 7, 2008

Aricia @ play

Brought Aricia to FnR on Thursday for play. She loved the ball pit but is afraid to go up the play area and she made me carry her up. Lazy girl! But once up there she'd walk around; keeping clear of the slide. And then she was back at the ball pit area, one boy was trying to gao-shua her by giving her balls and more balls. At first she took then I think she had to 'reject him' she told him "dowan". So cute to see them passing balls from one another

They have activities almost every hour. Managed to let her do Art & Craft - which was a tiara.

She likes rocking horse too! Didn't know the teeny weeny her can rock the horse so hard, I was so afraid she might fall backwards.

We spent an hour and half there. Better still - free parking!! Heehee! Will bring her there as much as I can now before she starts school proper, on the other hand... FnR is so closeby. *mummy's a bad influence*

Photos for your viewing :

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