Monday, November 17, 2008

*grumble grumble*

This should be the children's classes schedule :

YJC : Wednesdays 8.15pm - 9.15pm
Berries : Thursdays 5pm - 6.45pm

Ros SH : Mondays 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Shichida : * not confirmed *
- either Thursdays or Fridays 2.30pm
J and myself are changing timing to a later time, we will be discussing with the other mummies to see if they want to change the timing of the class. If we get 2 others, they can open up a class for us on Fridays, our preferred timing (which means I'm busy/kids gotta follow me out practically every day of the week).
But if they want to maintain their timing, I've done a backup with Toa Payoh, to chope 2 space for J and myself which was their available vacancy.

You know I can't help but run through the daily scenerio.
12.30pm - pick Aricia
1.30 pm - pick Athena
Reach home, nag at them to finish up their lunch faster or another alternative is to ask KZ to pack in food and let them eat on way home.
Shower; homework; classes; any time for my homework for them?

I want to try to lump everything together in 2 days so that I have time to give them their lessons but I worry they will be tired after school ( no time to nap) and then go or classes etc...
Tentatively, no plans for weekends coz' I want to keep them free.

This should be MY boring schedule!!
Daily I either :- go back home and do my things or prepare materials
- gym on my own, unless MH can join me. But no time to chat; no time to 38
- no time for facials coz' they don't open so early
Pick them up from school and that's a totally different life for me. Argh!
One more month to such freedom I have now, one more month for me to pretend to be a tai-tai, one more month of ___?
No more friends, will be a fat and shabbily ah-soh with ugly poked-marked face. 讨厌! I hate this kind of life, maybe better to go back to the workforce.
1) Back in SQ - Can or not? So fat already?? (note for sinscity : can or not?) Say I miss flying, I don't deny. But I will also miss kids..
2) Corp Comms - Wah.. people in Corp Comms should be of a nice youthful age, vibrant full of life kind. I want to die die kind, can meh? Old liao, nobody wants me. Hmm..... maybe one place will take me to be a >> Mamasan. Hahaha!!

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