Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caterpillars 2 - T Coster

27th - Saturday
The stupid caterpillar (notice this time round I don't call my caterpillars affectionately like the last time?) turned upside down.
And I must tell you it's really fat and dumb caterpillar. Where can you find a caterpillar that makes a thread on the side of the container? And the dumb caterpillar turned here and there, like have orientation problem like that?!
I noticed it's got a little too close for comfort. Two other caterpillars are big.
I've got one lazy and the other one - an acrobatic caterpillar. It likes to hang itself by the hind and eat with its head dangling down. (can't snap photos, everytime I try to open, it'll hear the crack sound and bring itself back to the stick)

FFWD few days later > > >

30th - Tuesday

Noticed something really unusual - it does seem to have some injured mark on the body?? Probably it injured itself while purging out its sleeping bag??
I wanted to see if the "narrowly escaped death" caterpillar did have that mark, until I saw the colour - an ugly grey colour . Notice how the colour changes thru it's metamorphis I think it will emerge tomorrow........

1st - Wednesday

Just as I expected, fighter came out and nobody noticed it except me.
Rather small... and its weird to still have the shell on its backside. Hmm!
Waited and waited... brought it down to the playground. And if nature do not permit the butterfly to come out from the chrysalis, can human intervention help?? KZ tried to help it hold on to the backside, hoping it'll know and try to come out. But.. no use. We brought it back with us, maybe it's going to be that looooong before it will fully emerge out? Night time came, still no difference. I have no choice but to bring it to mom's place there and release it tomorrow morning. I hope I'm doing the right thing. It's like it will die in my home coz' no food - I tried to put the host leaf but it didn't touch it at all. But if I let it out, it'll also die coz' it can't fly. Notice the angle of the wings (facing inside)

Sob...sob.... dunno why have a feeling that the 'fat and dumb caterpillar' might share the same fate.

Oh, now noticed that the other two have hung themselves on the stick. Hey! Notice this breed likes to 'hang around' on stick?? Is it pure coincidence or what?!

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