Monday, October 13, 2008

The Survival Of The Fittest ahem.. Fattest -2

Day 5 - 10th Oct
I bailed out last night, dunno why Ari was still in kuning-land at 4+pm. Called mom to bring Ath home to stay overnight otherwise it'd be a rush for me to wait for that girl to wake up and bring her out. Pity, I forgot to pack in her assessment books for mom but lucky for Ath - she got her break.

We left for her class from home today, which means I can have it easy in the morning. Don't have to scream at the older girl to finish her breakfast faster so that we can leave the house in time. I was able to do a sweep & mop in the morning. Nothing's planned for Fridays just the normal sweep & mop coz I'd be out the whole day. Fed her, bathed her and we left the house via KPE. It was totally different when hubby was behind the wheels the first time we tried KPE. Today... I was thinking to myself if I could blur out with this straight road and fall asleep... eeks! Goash! Next year I'll be using the road in the mornings so I must be wide awake siah!

It was a rather relaxing day for me. Normally I would bring Ari out for short gai-gai before picking Ath up from school but today I had to bring her to TM. Sigh....trip to Meidi-ya will be postponed to next week.
Waited for Ath to finish school @ mom's place and I actually fell asleep oblivious to the noise Ari was making. I was that tired!

Brought dinner home & was fighting with Ari. Very difficult to feed her, she'd scream; cover her mouth etc... Why can't she be like her che-che? Ath used to be so guai - she'd sit and eat her meals, opening her mouth wide for you (no wonder she's still so greedy now) = she looks pui pui. Ari will sit down but not for long, I can't restaint coz' she'll scream & I worry I break her bones. But then again, I think I should start to worry, seems like now Ath gets scolding from Peggy coz' of her short attention span. Goash! Do they have ADHD??

Did Ath's school laundry and did Math with her for a while before I leave her alone to finish up the work, bonus for Ari - did a shortcut home session. Too tired to do her Shichida homework with her.

The children slept with us. Had sufficient time to blog but I'd prefer to sleep early. 11pm I was already in kuning-land.

Verdict : Very sleepy but I survived! Looking forward to the weekends where I can sleep a little late.

Day 6 - 11th Oct
Weekend suppose to be relaxing but I wasn't the least relaxed. Shan't bore you with what work I did, what else can I do but to keep cleaning, hate it when you have black furnitures, black piano, black electone organ. 飞尘 very obvious to the eyes. My soft hands are going to turn rough soon even before the 2nd week ends.
Feeding Ari - big problem. I flew fiery and punished her to stand at her punishment corner while I 'cooled' myself down. She was screaming and crying for daddy; for che-che, for pacifier ?!?!? You must be thinking I'm crazy to punish her but I've had it enough. That's why normally I leave the feeding to KZ, and we can only feed her @ home. I've seen how KZ's face would change..and she can't beat or punish my child - but I can!! And then I can threaten to "let you go hungry if you don't want to eat. No milk later!" But I can't bear to carry out the threat on Ari coz' that girl is so skinny; I'm trying hard to plump her up. As for Ath - I can carry out the threat coz' she's got so much fats reserves.

Verdict : Apart from the feeding which is , I am still hanging on But shucks! I forgot about Ari's Shichida homework again!

Day 7 - 12th Oct
Woke up early (my standard of early for weekends) at 9.30am. The children were laughing and playing coz' the Empress Dowager hasn't stepped out and asked them to do their work - Ath to do her English books and Ari to play - hee!
I want to laze but I'm so worried about what hubby is going to feed them. You know hor.... long time ago when my Ath was a toddler - hubby can tell my mom that she (Ath) has eaten & she's full after mom asked him about her. Mom asked him what she ate. " 吃了两粒汤圆, 已经很饱了" ??????汤圆!!! God! Dunno what the heck he's thinking, can fill a stomach with 两粒汤圆? In other words, he's lazy! Maybe it's men thing that they don't get so kan-cheong as women but ... use the brain and think lor! I must make sure she gets her equivalence of one bowl of porridge. In the end I think it's better that I feed her myself, just give up on my beauty sleep and then I shall go for Botox with Woffles Wu soon.
Handwashed the childrens' laundry and since I haven't been doing the children's laundry I needed to know which one can fade off colours. And bingo! Ari's dress's ribbon caused one of her own romper to have yellow marking. And the funny thing is that I only put all the dry dirty clothes together and was sorting out to wash when I notice it. Tried to scrub it off but can't, was about to take my Baking Soda when I remembered I had bought something a long time ago. Wah! Better than David Copperfield. I sprayed and it's gone. Good things must share, it's Kiwi Kleen Stubborn Stain Removal. I sound so ah-soh!!

Work until so tired, worse than gym (at least after gym I can look forward to gossiping with MH and have food to stuff). I left the kids alone to play in the cot, created a big mess but I'm closing my eyes and ears. Oommmmm

Couldn't take it, even if it means flipping through my bake books and fantasize also better than nothing. 我讨厌 MH, her helper is back and she can bake; do whatever she wants.

Feeding Ari is a breeze today. Phew! Why? Lunch & dinner are porridge! I don't like to feed her too much porridge and prefer adult food to get her exposed to many things. But.... maybe she's lazy to chew these days or maybe I'm an expert in cooking porridge ahem... my porridge taste nice/edible compared to other food ( I used to keep cooking porridges for Ath for lunch & dinner, which I do blame myself that her being so chee-na is prob my fault) but hey! must 跟我 拜 师

Verdict : Week 1 is gone. I wonder what the next 3 wks+ brings. 我 还活着!

Day 8 - 13th Oct
Dying for a holiday, we were thinking of a holiday when KZ is on home leave. But with her home leave brought forward, too last minute to do anything. But then again, be it the year end or now, we're a little tied down. Some time in Dec we're left with neither here nor there when she has her concert on 13th and the days prior to that will be her practices and full-dress rehearsal (they will video down the rehearsal & sell that VCD - imagine if she's not inside), FSS is either 3rd or 10th Dec, 22nd Dec is the school orientation. Sigh....I wanna go Japan, a place hubby is not keen. Ath has no mind of her own, says "I also want to go Japan, I want to see Hello Kitty, I want to go Disneyland. I can speak Japanese." Hahaha! She can speak Japanese? And you know where hubby is looking at? China. Argh! And of all places he likes to look at those places where it's so difficult to handle with a young kid, who'll struggle when you carry but you worry may slip and fall off the cliff if she walks on her own. Not Huangshan, we did that already but he was looking at Jiu Zhai Gou. Wah piang eh...
Ai yah! Not sure whether I'll live through these next few weeks or not, better don't think too far.

Time out for me!! Buay tahan... ask me to stay @ home and face the 4 walls and clean the house with my hair tied up like chicken backside; squatting down like ah-ma scrubbing the clothes. Kena sai! I'm going to kiss and hug KZ when she comes back siah!
Brought the kids out. Kids? Yes! Ath whining and whining about her ulcer very painful cannot go to school etc... fed up with that lor-soh girl. Brought them out to get their Halloween costumes. I didn't get any for myself coz' I reckon being myself is devilish/scary enough.
Trip down to Orchard, library and then Hougang Mall before her Berries class exhausted me out. That lil' one tire me out, she didn't nap @ all and still had all the energy.

Verdict : I definitely am alive and kicking and nagging incessantly.

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