Monday, October 27, 2008


Her cough came back a few days back, I tried to suppress it by chinese medicine and a little of Ventolin & Flixotide. Try not to give her too much western and ahem..antibiotics.
On Friday, she complained to me that her leg is pain and she got bitten by a mosquito. I asked if she knocked herself in school - no. I didn't want to get myself worry unduly as I remembered seeing NEA putting up the banner about 2 cases (now 3) of dengue in mom's area.
Saturday, she told me again and then the whole day she was tired; feeling cold etc... she couldn't do her Shichida worksheet so I sent her to bed. Whole time I was taking her temperature, although I gave her medication & let her sleep on the cooling mattress I didn't do much after that. Don't know if it's me being 偏爱 Aricia or what but I would do even more for her. Athena I thought I'd let the body do the fight for her.
She was suppose to go for her Berries make-up class today but I called to change it to Tuesday instead. I get a no answer from the lady, which I think it's ridiculous coz' she said all has been allocated. Either today or get an MC from the doctor and they'd refund me the $. It's not about refunding $, in the first place I won't even bring her see the doctor just to get MC and get the same old medicine. I spend $ to see doctor just to get back $. The consultation would cost more anyway! In the end, I managed to convince her that she only need to put in one student, what difference does it make to have one more in what she claimed a very big class and where all replacement classes are usually done on Tuesdays blah blah.
I was a little stress-free today, infact must say I was lazy... I didn't do Aricia's home session too! (except for her GD cards and her 65 Day Math program) I must be really exhausted flat out. Been feeling really sleepy at 11+ these days and at 1am, I'm already almost gone in kuning-land.
11 more days!!
Sunday morning, she tells me "mummy I lie down my leg not pain. But when I walk, very pain." I deduce she must be suffering from rheumatism - hee! But at least I can safely say that it's not dengue. Her fever spiked up to 39.3 and hubby brought her to see the doctor, I suspected it could be infection which is causing her to cough, Klacid is the only medication that can help her. (against my will but if don't cure her now, it'll drag and get worse & by then she'd need neubaliser) Thank goodness I wrote everything down for hubby to tell the doctor including the medication usually prescribed by her PD and GP prescribed her Klacid. Dr Teo don't even have to go through Uni to qualify to be a doctor.
Call it the long weekend, I'm feeling so lazy. Really lazy. No wonder Aricia's also lazy, normally I tell her "Aricia, 读书读书." She'd helped to push my chair and try to take her highchair table but today she exclaimed loudly "Dowan!" So it's another very short session today, once I finish this cycle for the Math Program, I'll try to switch back to GD method.
Meeting the mummies tomorrow, it's so nice for them to include me in although I've just known them. It's potluck and yours truly can't cook but still need to contribute something so I thought my agar agar should be the edible and non-poisoned food that can come from me. Prepared both green tea and the normal agar agar. Strange? The smell woke that girl up, she came running into the kitchen and asked to eat "this and that." Bought some egg tarts as well coz' my agar agar is not 'contribution sufficient on my part'.
Evening time, her fever came back again. Sigh.... I worry if I can make it tomorrow.
Monday morning, touched her head. Still hot! 讨厌! My 38 with the mummies goes down the drain liao! And so..what I did was to laze laze and laze. What to do with the egg tarts? Bring it down on Tuesday? I don't think I'll want to let them eat 2 days ago food - I'll mouthed it down myself for lunch + dinner. Think the agar agar should be okay, but not packing in much of the green tea ones just incase they shudders when they hear it's green tea.
In the afternoon, she seemed better so let her practice her piano; do some dot-painting; simple crafts.
Evening, kids were horrible to the mummy - me! Refused to sleep especially the usually 'can just put her down in cot and walk away' Aricia. Cried for me to carry her, Athena heard her also manja-ed me. Darn! At this time when hubby is out for a banquet. Fed up, threw tantrum at them and ignored them after they both asked for milk. Argh!
She'll be fine to go to school tomorrow. Yay!

All I commented to hubby was "your children very Japanese" and he said "let them learn Japanese". Them? or he meant just Athena? "It's good to learn another language, 3rd language," he added.
Although I've been saying how I wished they'd learn another language etc... when he did caught me by surprise with his 'sudden generosity for such expenditures', I don't think it's feasible for Athena to learn another language when she's not that good in her other languages. Writing? I have the hiragana & katakana writing books but I didn't give her to do coz' she's already saddled with so many assessment books. I'd rather use the $$ to let her learn either French or German, more commonly used languages in many countries. We didn't discuss further too, coz' I felt that perhaps the $$ should go to an English lesson.
Hee! Call me strange and contradicting.... but I really help my husband save $$, I don't send my children for so many classes. Don't you think he should love me more and buy me a Lolex?!?!?!

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