Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween costume fun

Halloween costumes used to be those spooky kind, so common that you'd know more or less who is ringing your doorbell for treats.

Infact, what lies beneath the costume is more important - YOU! You don't even have to get expensive spooky costumes. Halloween is all about fun now, you can come in anything you want from Heidi to Rapunzel to dinosaur, nobody cares. You can even come in your birthday suit if you want to (keke!)

MH suggested getting dressed up for Ros class on Thursday. I wanted to dress Aricia in her costume )to make my $$ worth) but that girl was so lazy - didn't want to get up from bed. (infact was lazying in bed for a few days already.. hmm... hope she's feeling alright) Think it's a blessing in 'disguise' coz' I finally opened the costumes and realised my
small size but big head(ahem..big brain-ed) girl's head can't fit into the hat. Argh! No time to lose.. rushed out of the house to Ros's place. So the fastest and best thing I could do was to dress her in her own dress and be a SINGAPORE GIRL without her crying out loud for undressing her. Bunned up her hair which started to have little strands sticking out (kena zapped!)
She's the only SINGAPORE GIRL with a pacifier.

S looked so cute in the cowboy suit, which I realised that Ros has so many costumes in her home for her children - not for Halloween. It's so nice to have costumes for pretend play.

Photo time :
The next day when she awoke and lazying on the sofa, I realised that I should have just let her kept this on the day before.
Little Miss Zzzzz Zebra

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