Thursday, October 30, 2008


9 more days but I couldn't tolerate the idea of me going down on my knees to scrub the toilets; scrub the towels; clean the house; clean the car etc.....
It was 3 weeks of sheer inconvenience and change of status and on the 4th week - I surrendered.

It's very inconvenient to bring Aricia out with me all the time, coz' it's never easy to bring her out when there's 2-3 of us not to mention now that there's only me! 3 weeks of seeing her 24hrs and have her by my side... ehh.... I forgot how it was like to be alone.
Errands to run but can't achieve much. Contemplated if I should try to bring her out on Thursday while I try to run errands or.. maybe today (since I don't do home sessions on Wednesdays. Otherwise I'll miss two days this week) I should just leave her at mom's place and be alone for once!!

I am exhausted, it's a good thing that I didn't give up home sessions as a result of my "trying to find excuses" Well, it's definitely shorter but better than nothing right?
Over the past few days I managed to pack in her favors. Haha! I'm so kiasu!! And now, my dear girl says she wants to invite her YJC friends as well. Although I ordered the favors more than sufficient but I realise that now with the increase invite list ,I'm still a little short of things and I don't have time for online purchases now. So the day was spent thinking what I have and what should I buy. $$ spent!
I printed out her birthday invite today as I don't have the time to print on my own. Quickly did the hard paper behind the photos and handed out some to her classmates in YJC
Then it was time to order her birthday cake. 1 down , another cake to choose for her party.
I had a little time left and so I went for facial. Woah! This is life!! My face is finally scrubbed and I feel so pwetty now. heehee!
I am much poorer now. I spend $800++ on face products. Argh!


Shannon's Mummy said...

Wahpiangz! $800 on facial products.. heheheheh

wow.. at last 9 more days only!!!

Lily Ann said...

Yah, the whole range. No choice.. want men to look at me. Kekeke