Thursday, October 30, 2008

Negative perspective

Been receiving another feedback about helpers not coming back after their home leave. This time this feedback comes from the beautician.

Why? Perhaps she encountered before? And she even remarked "ta(1) men(2) zhe(4) zhong (3) ren(2) dunno anything about XXX", I thought her statement sounded very discriminating... but still I insisted that she'll (KZ) live with a conscience should she do this, she passed the same comments with "ta(1) men(2) .. don't even know what is conscience." But I did explain to her that if her being a staunch Christian can do this, she will answer to God next time.
Maybe I'm thinking too positively.

Mom's also another funny one. She asked me "KZ, told you which day she's coming back?" I told mom I am the decision maker not her and her return ticket has been booked as well. "Oh! So she's coming back?" Huh? All the while mom thought she's not coming back?
Mom : "But she never call back.
Mom : Ai yoh.. she ahh... go back home forgot you all already, how can she not call back?
Me : Thinks the niece's computer is down so she can't email me. And then, she already said during the 2 years she was here her family can't seem to get through our line.
Mom : You sure?

I'm too positive and trust her


Shannon's Mummy said...

I hope KZ will not let you down ;p

Lily Ann said...

I doubt so,she likes it here (what she claims)
but if she do or anyone else do this to me, I'll be very disappointed first; then get angry later.Hee!