Thursday, October 23, 2008

1 and only

Frankly I do enjoy it when che-che is not around the house.

1. The house is not that doubly noisy + I don't get angry that often (so notice it's che-che that made me more angry)
2. Aricia is a little more well-behaved (so it means its che-che who's doing all those silly things and mei-mei follows) and suddenly you realise you have a little girl not a tomboy
3. Aricia gets to sleep with us, between us
4. When we bring her out, it's a little more quieter (from che-che and the naggy mummy - heehee!) coz' it's so much easier to handle one kid. And she never rejects us when we hold her hands between us.

It just reminds me of the early motherhood days when I had to handle che-che alone + housework

It's not easy to handle 2 especially when the older they are; the more things you gotta do with them. And mind you, I think age is catching up on me - I do get tired you know. I'm not on elixar or what nots.
Argh! Worst still I can't pack my bags as often as I want. Shucks! News of destination upcoming next year but ............ @#$% school. Chauffeur cannot take leave!! So that makes me think why did I ever decide to have another child after 3+yrs later. Hmm! Think its very cruel of me to say this, coz' I do have a cute and charming lil' girl.


Shannon's Mummy said...

Hehehe... I think Athena is feeling jealous about Aricia? The younger naturally needs more attention but the older kids will never understand.

Better don let your elder girl read this post. Will probably hurt her???

Lily Ann said...

Years down the road, she'll get to read this. Hurt her, I'm sure it will but by then she'll grow up and will understand & know that mummy means no harm.